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Published February 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Ever take a closer look at the logo for FrostWire, which is basically LimeWire with a different skin and free “LimeWire Pro” service? It looks like *all* pirates are His chosen people, not just the nautical variety.



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  1. Butterfly Cake says:


  2. JorickHorn says:

    I dunno. Looks like barbed wire to me. Still, it does look a little like FSM.

  3. Gubs says:

    What does the Barbed Wire have to do with FSM?

  4. Gubs says:

    Oh, now I get it, (after seeing some illustrations of FSM) LOL!

    Cheers from the Flying Spaghetti Monster, err, FrostWire Team

  5. Aesi says:

    Nice! :D
    Hadn’t noticed this before.

  6. Edd says:

    Funny post. But I just want to point out that frostwire isn’t pirated software. It can be legally based on lime wire because it’s free (as in freedom) software. I’m guessing frost wire developers wouldn’t appreciate being called pirates. (unless they’re pastafarians, of course.)

  7. Jabdow says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking when I downloaded Frostwire!

  8. speachless hobo says:

    very nice, i just decided to say on this post have you ever noticed the death rate in the name of fsm? it’s zero.have you looked at christianity(or however that usless bit of word is spelled) more that 50,000 i can assume and judism? crusading? budism? all the cults that claim to be the son of god and then off themselvs?it all adds up to alot.think about how fsm is a better religion to humanity in the way that nobody gets killed because we simply don’t like them like the jews and christians and muslums have done in the past, and present.so why is a religion that is suposed to be morraly good for you(mostly to people with severe depresion or just to simply to realize whats what) killing so many people?if the world converted to pastafarianism there would be no more religios based deaths,there would be no more mass offings off cults and other strange groups, but there would be peace,love,and pirates(a striper factory and beer vocanoes too!).

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