can i please have your address

Published February 5th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Bobby Henderson can I please have your address so I can personally come over and slap you right across your ignorant fat idiot head! Followed by a roundhouse kick to the mullet and then a pipe to the teeth!!!


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  1. Hourglass says:

    If you beleive a mullet to be a part of the human anatomy, you have much to learn on the subjects of human physiology AND marine biology.

    Unless of course you are talking about the hairstyle, in which case you must have a very disturbed mind if you beleive his holiness Bobby Henderson would lower himself to such a level as to have such a ridiculous ‘do

  2. Violet says:

    Leave the mullet, Agathis, please kick a stonefish instead.

  3. Lundix says:

    Stonefish are such awesome creatures. They’re all like “Oh, hello there … I’m a stone … I’m a particularly comfortable stone, you can stand on me if you’d like to … come on, have a stand …” And then you step on it and you’ll be all like “FOR THE LOVE OF FRIGGIN PASTA!!!”
    Apparently, it’s the worst pain known to man. I’m curious as to how they decided this. Billy Connolly suggested that they may have used a pain-o-meter of some sort. Probably a German invention, he reckoned. Goes from “auch,” all the way to “FUHCKIN GREEN MARSHMALLOWS DISEASED ZOMBIE CRAHP IN THE NAME OF BOBBY THAT FUHCKIN HURT!!!!!”

    Oh, and Agathis: Draw your lower lip over your head and swallow, I sincerely believe that will enhance your intellect.

  4. Bagelsauce says:

    Funny how the most violent-sounding people are typically the most powerless.
    Perhaps if this young lad joined us, he might obtain a set of more substantial meatballs and he would not feel such compulsion for overcompensation.

  5. Olax says:

    Bobby Henderson
    Apostolic Palace
    00120 Vatican City

    Bobby Henderson looks like an old man, often wears dresses and silly hats. He usually speaks Latin with a strong German accent. You can’t miss him. And you shouldn’t.

    Good luck!

  6. Ode to a Grasshopper says:

    How come the hate-filled Christians never ask for people’s addresses to bring them candy, or other nice things? It’s what pirates would do…

  7. Mango says:

    only if we put you in a blender and press the “Smoothie Buton”

  8. Sister Cannelonni says:

    We try to refrain from violent practices in our Temple. Please respect our Church and the Temple of his Noodliness.

    Peace and sauce, dude.

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