this is the dumbissst thing i have ever heard

Published January 21st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

this is the dumbissst thing i have ever heard…… think this is ganna make fun of christians then you are a fool! cause the god we worship is real…. and we dont eat him… by the way well pray for you your ganna need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Irene says:

    It’s people like you (Brittany) that make Christians like me ashamed. I enjoy the theory and I find it as much amusing as it is thought provoking. I find nothing wrong with the points Pastafarians present though I think that faith is about that -believing even if it can’t be proven. I am a Christian and proud of it but I won’t go around thinking anyone who judges my beliefs will go to Hell. And after all, wouldn’t it be sad to be judged not by our actions but because we had insulted whichever God exists (if it exists) out there?
    Oh and in case His Holy Noodleness proves to be real please kind Pastafarians pray for me (smiles)?
    Gotta love a good satire even if what I believe in is the main theme.
    Ramen (did I get it right?)

  2. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Cannibus Ream'us says:

    Hi brittany,

    I understand that you are outraged by a perceived slight against your god – that very God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and rightfully so. It’s only reasonable and natural for you to be incensed when you see that insult. And, personally, were I like-minded (ie, a girl who can’t be any older than fifteen, and probably fresh out of (the late) Jerry Falwell’s Go Tell camp in Lynchburg, VA), I might spend some time on the webosphere, looking for websites that, according to my interpretation, insult the all-powerful Creator God of Yore. After all, He can’t stand up for Himself, so it’s up to you to Defend the Faith.

    All this I understand, I fathom – nay, I grok. But for fuck’s sake, learn your language. You must be brand new to the intar-tubes, so everything you say is very important and it doesn’t matter how it’s spelled or punctuated, or capitalized, or, you know.. coherent? You must be looking for attention, because you’ve got it, sweetheart.

    The Rt. Rev. Dr. Cannibus Ream’us
    Church of the SubGenius

  3. Sister Cannelonni says:

    We eat His Holy Body and we feel enlightened with his savory sauciness.

    Peace and sauce, dude.

  4. Jan says:

    @ 213 – pirate 34

    It’s 77 virgins you get when you die for Allah.
    But actually that’s a mistake someone made while translating the Koran.
    The Korans says the reward is ’77 White Grapes’ .

    So Hell yeah, I’ll stick to beer volcanoes and stripper factories!


  5. FuZ says:

    i would think you would find that R.C believe that through transsubstantiation the bread is turned into jesus’ body…in turn…you do eat god…so umm brittany…u FAIL

  6. Amatangachichi says:

    I have yet to see one, ONE!, reason to hate FSM. It is as plausible as other religions/beliefs. No, I do not take this seriously, but there is no reason to hate a religion because it is different from yours.

  7. Bri guy says:

    You seem like the kind of person that comes from the kind of family that kind of hates minorities. Am i correct? … I thought so.

    Anyway, i take it your whole family hates mexicans and the like, but I know many mexicans with a better command of their second language than you do of your first. I think its your first at least, it’s really quite difficult to tell.

  8. carl merida says:

    if you dont eat your god, then what’s communion supposed to be…

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