Portland sighting

Published January 22nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


During the recent snowstorm in Portland we were stuck in the house for 10 days. We were becoming a bit stir crazy and not being very cool and groovy, finding that houseguests, teenagers and the lack of any good groceries (read pasta) were getting on our nerves. That was of course until His Noodlyness, the FSM, graced us with his presence. He landed in our back yard where he could be seen in all his glory from our kitchen window. We were instantly inspired to put on our pirate hats and play a nice game of Munchkin. We were all touched by His Noodly appendage that day!

Liony Goodness

13 Responses to “Portland sighting”

  1. Trevor says:

    I guess that he wanted to put his thin noodle suit on today, well at least we have proof of our god

    top rAmen

    P.s y does it look like there’s a star in the miidle of him

  2. Low Level Orc says:

    Why do the evidence pictures never get as much traffic as the hate mail?

  3. crimsonmelody says:

    Because arguing with people is one of the things humans do best, especially when we are completely secure in our faith while theirs can be shaken like a wet noodle until it breaks. :D Besides it keeps us from fighting amoungst ourselves. In a way, we should be thankful for those who hate without trying to understand and then lash out to cover up their own insecurities.

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