Pirate-Fish tattoo

Published January 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


What can I say, I have been Touched.

Jeff, Oak Hall, VA

27 Responses to “Pirate-Fish tattoo”

  1. Princess Psycho says:

    Next the piercing but where will it go?

  2. Sean Boyd says:

    Tattoos are a very pirate-like thing to do.

  3. Mr.Nobody says:

    Cool :D

  4. Yuppers says:

    Damn, that’s nice. You deserve a beer with your spaghetti tonight.

  5. Commodore Angryy says:

    Too bad you weren’t the first. Nor was I,though. Still had it for a few months, too bad Bobby forgot to post it.


  6. Zinc Alloy says:

    Touched indeed.:-)

    I have considered it but I think my wife wouldn’t be too impressed.

    She’s not overly impressed with the tattoos I already have and she is probably the only being more powerful than the FSM.

    But I will never say never.

  7. Wdabrock says:

    You have been truely touched!

    The FSM shall bless you with a overflowing cornucopia of frosty beer and buxom wenches!

    YAARRHHH! and RAmen!

  8. Hillbilly Potentate says:

    RAmen brother. Mine was done this past December. Spread the word and be well.

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