pancake sighting

Published January 16th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


This might be a stretch but it made me chuckle.

I see Him.

20 Responses to “pancake sighting”

  1. Hypknowsis says:

    Woooo! First comment on the awesome pancake!


  2. Renzo says:


  3. Paul says:

    Well, it is every bit as good as the pathetic sightings many christians claim in their toast/woodgrain/dirt/whatever. Yet more proof of His Noodly Magnificence and anyone who cannot agree with that simply lacks real faith.

  4. Pik says:

    If you look carefully inside his body, you will a naked person (its backward so can tell the sex) on the left side, who is on top of very sexy legs, watching another one standing in front, maybe dancing/stripping, giving a revelation of times to come.

  5. St. Lawrence says:

    I see a cottontail rabbit being sacrificed to a vengeful pasta god beneath. Oh, but He can be cruel. Still, its not up to ask or question his ways.

  6. time and space says:

    Did it taste nice?

  7. Franko says:

    A balanced breakfast is a good way to start off your day. And pasta alone does not a meal make. The sauce, and the syrup, the syrup and the sauce. RaMen. RaWomen. Pasta pasta, holy pasta. It is good. And so is pancakes.

  8. Miss Tortellini says:

    Our Spaghettiness has honoured us with his Holy and Pancaked image!

    Yes, may the sauce be with you!


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