I’m sorry, but this is beyond ridiculous

Published January 26th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I’m sorry,but this is beyond ridiculous.It’s all your fault he touched me with his noodly apendage.I’m sorry,I respect all religion,but this is something you’d find coming bulls ass.How can you live with yourself.You seem pathetic,and full of shat.Your the mockery of this bullshit race of humans.Me and my friend actually considered being “pastafarian” just be ridiculous for a day.I know you don’t take too much shit seriously enough to get through your now worthless life.I’
m done trying to make sense out of this,my friend would also like a word with you. <3,Erin

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  1. Mary Hecko says:

    Shat is the past tense word of shit.
    Ex. Yesterday I shat on Erin’s face.

    Do you understand?

  2. mr. Trinborg says:

    Uhm……I’m from Norway, and don’t really know that much about English grammar and way of speech, so can anyone tell me where i should use the expression ” coming bulls ass ” (from the above letter….)

    B.T.W. I find FSM somewhat strange and maybe a bit too food-centered, but I can feel the crave for Italian food growing inside my heart, much like jesus in the heart of the ” newborn ”

    Pasta it is!:)

  3. plumberbob says:

    @ – mr. Trinborg #154,
    The English grammar of many hate-mailers, this one included, is very strange and fractured. Many of us for whom English is our native language need to reread some of these rants several times to try to get the sense of what they are trying to say. Even then, it is sometimes unclear to us (Your phrase in question included). We can only presume that the writer is in such a state of passion and fury that they have disconnected their thinking brain from their composing fingers. Here’s a good study of these people:



  4. Common Sense says:

    I hope this clears things up for you.

  5. Queen Sheba says:

    I’d particularly like to know how you’d like to make sense of anything when your commas seem to be attached to the second phrases of your sentences.

    Thar she blows!


  6. Erin says:

    My name is Erin and I’m a pastafarian ^_^
    I don’t understand why this other Erin is so angry at His Noodliness. If she truly respects all religions what is her problem with Pastafarianism?

  7. Gandhi says:

    I´m scared his frien want to talk whit me or us…or something I don´t realy get it

  8. Really? says:

    If you used spaces, I might understand this letter better, or even if you used something RESEMBLING proper grammar. If you want to get a point across LEARN HOW TO WRITE FIRST!

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