I’m sorry, but this is beyond ridiculous

Published January 26th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I’m sorry,but this is beyond ridiculous.It’s all your fault he touched me with his noodly apendage.I’m sorry,I respect all religion,but this is something you’d find coming bulls ass.How can you live with yourself.You seem pathetic,and full of shat.Your the mockery of this bullshit race of humans.Me and my friend actually considered being “pastafarian” just be ridiculous for a day.I know you don’t take too much shit seriously enough to get through your now worthless life.I’
m done trying to make sense out of this,my friend would also like a word with you. <3,Erin

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  1. StJason says:

    Erin, ye be borin enough to make me want to make ye walk the plank, just to make yerself a wee bit less borin-like.

  2. spasticnutz says:

    Huh? You lost me after I’m. Usually I can get a rough idea of what uneducated cretins are trying to say, but the sentence construction and grammar of this one have defeated me. I will ignore the spelling, just as you have. If you are are finished with grade school, persuade your parents to hire a tutor. No doubt someone else is reading this to you, maybe they can help you construct a decipherable message next time. Hate mail(I’m just guessing) is wasted when no-one can understand what you’re saying.

  3. Ron says:

    Hm. I’m confused, here. Is this person condemning us, or making some sort of joke? The message is so mangled, I’m honestly not sure….

    Was this, perhaps, originally sent to a specific person? It might make a bit more sense like that.

  4. Cheeetar says:

    Another fake hate mail. :(

  5. time and space says:

    I’m sorry, but your post was beyond ridiculous. The only sentance I could make heads or tails of was: “It’s all your fault he touched me with his noodly apendage”… Which still does not make any sense. Being touched by his noodly apendage is a good thing.
    …Does your friend type like you do? If so, tell him/her not to bother having a ‘word’ with us.

  6. Liony Goodness says:

    Word of advice: Don’t smoke crack and comment on blogs. It’s not pretty, ever.

  7. Weezle says:

    Love you too baby ;-P

  8. Maurog says:

    I understand that you feel His call but deliberately close your heart to truth. Open up! Let His divine appendages reach into your heart and make it whole! If you don’t, you will live your whole life with an FSM-shaped hole in your chest, spiritually speaking. Please make the right choice. Ramen!

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