I am not going to be hateful

Published January 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am not going to be hateful to you, as many others have concerning your religion, if in fact you can call it a religion. This appears to be a mockery of christianity and other monotheists. The comment saying that you have over 10 million members is either one, a lie, or two, proof that the human race is totally depraved. There is major evidence proving christianity, yet none credible towards yours. Thank you,
– Clark

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  1. Meisha says:

    You’re not going to be hateful toward us, but you are going to take the time to tell us our religion is crap and yours is great. That is, in essence, hateful because you call us depraved. If I am depraved because I choose to believe in something other than the dictates of your religion, or any other that expects me to sacrifice logic for faith, then so be it. I would much rather do that than believe that woman are marginalized because they originated from a rib and a talking snake caused “original sin”. I refuse to accept that a man died and came back to life to save the world from more “sin”. The evidence that proves Christianity is completely circumstancial. Christ did not exist and if he did, it was not in the capacity that you credit him with. He was simply a man. There is no such thing as God because that is also proven circumstancially. There is hope and faith, which is what defines religion. My choice is to place my hope and faith in something more substancial than an unseen “Sky Daddy”, like myself. I know I exist. I am substancial and real. Maybe you should try this concept. I know it means abandoning the sheeple mindset, but if you try real hard you too can grow from being a judgmental prick into an open-minded individual who has some character and independent thought.

  2. GummiHU says:

    You fail at not being hateful.

  3. able semen says:

    Wait a minute…

    I am not going to be hateful to you, as many others have concerning your christian religion, but monotheism is bollocks. That’s about the same as you said I believe – peace then hate!

    Please furnish us with the reams of “major” evidence you have amassed (as long as it is nothing to do with a 2000+ year old book edited over the ages to fit the ideal; we have our book too – much more recent and up-to-date!). I, for one, would be most interested in the slightest scrap of “real” evidence regarding the existence of any god (perhaps you are dyslexic and read it as “dog” in your bible – plenty of evidence for them – woof ;-)

    The fact that some 3 billion people have been hoodwinked into believing iron age myths in the hope of a better world to come shows what a mess we have made of this world. If all that these people have in this life is a wish that the next one is better then it is indeed a sign that the human race is totally depraved.

    You are correct about the 10 million members, which is indeed a lie: The current membership list (available on request) contains at least 9,453,879,256 individuals.

    You’re not Superman are you Clark?

    Thank You,
    – Kent

  4. galderon says:

    You’re not going to be hateful, but you’re going to post anyway, calling us liars and demeaning our religion?

    Gee thanks for the sympathy.

  5. Insightful Ape says:

    Hmmm…let me be sure I’m getting this right. If millions follow our faith (which you seemingly pulled out of a hat)that is proof that human race is totally depraved. And yet you claim you are not going to be hateful to us. Right??? Gee, your English sucks. You may want to look up “hateful”.
    And “major evidence for christianity”? I’m beginning to think your whole post is a joke.
    As for “mockery of christianity and other monotheism(s)”, I often think they are mockeries of one another. After all they can’t all be right. But they can all be wrong.
    Thank you for the entertainment,
    Insightful Ape

  6. Ron says:

    Ha! Your comments merely prove your ignorance, Clark. We Pastafarians do not discriminate against polytheists- we treat all faiths equally seriously, including our own. You fail to consider the additional possibilities in our membership statistics- they could also be both a lie AND proof of mankind’s depravity, or neither. Perhaps they even switch off on alternate weekends!
    Open yourself to all the options, Clark. Stop being a slave- free your mind.

    Oh, and those words, ‘major’ and ‘credible’? I don’t think they mean what you think they do.

  7. David J says:

    If there really exists “major evidence” proving Christianity, why do so many people doubt it, and why would so many people find solace in the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

    There is no major evidence. There is no evidence. Your god will not return. Your kind have been waiting (impatiently) for nearly 2,000 years. Get over it. Move on.

  8. Raist says:

    Have you seen the graph? Obviously credible evidence.

    Do you have a graph? No, you don’t.

    We have pasta.

    You have a smelly two thousand year old Jew zombie.

    Pastafarians 2 – 0 Christians

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