I am not going to be hateful

Published January 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I am not going to be hateful to you, as many others have concerning your religion, if in fact you can call it a religion. This appears to be a mockery of christianity and other monotheists. The comment saying that you have over 10 million members is either one, a lie, or two, proof that the human race is totally depraved. There is major evidence proving christianity, yet none credible towards yours. Thank you,
– Clark

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  1. K says:


    Those would be some pretty gruesome bedtime stories. this one guy got chopped up and mailed to people. Some guy raped his sister. Another guy was crucified on a cross. There was this huge flood that drowned 99% of the population.

    I’m just saying. I don’t think the Bible was written for children.

  2. adam says:

    where’s the proof? I don’t see any proof that couldn’t also be interpretted as proof for the FSM

  3. Черноморец says:

    Извините, как можно добавить свой материал на сайт?

  4. Chet says:

    “There is major evidence proving christianity, yet none credible towards yours.”

    we have plenty of evidence that the FSM exists, didn’t you see the graph? the connection between global warming and the number of pirates clearly shows His existence…and as long as we are on the topic of evidence, how bout you send me some of that “major evidence,” proving that there is a mystical sky daddy up in the the cosmos dictating EVERY aspect of my and everyones life.

  5. Joe Wilson says:

    all I want is your evidence. I’m not going to be hateful either, I want a civilized discussion, but I can see absolutely no evidence behind christianity.

  6. Bladecutter says:

    But, you see, the evidence everyone wants to see? It’s all in the bible!

    Fancy that! :D

  7. Pasta-Girl says:

    Please show me this evidence that proves Christianity because I’m still yet to come across any after getting an Alevel in philosophy and studying your religion inside out. I’m sure the whole “joke” behind this religion is that it has just as much evidence and is just a valid as yours.


  8. plumberbob says:

    @ – Bladecutter – #182,
    That’s nice, but you can’t even read the bible. You don’t even know the language, and you don’t know who, why, or when it was written. You don’t know the politics of the time. We want Evidence. The fact that those with a political agenda 3K years ago wrote it doesn’t make it any more holy than if I wrote it today.


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