I am going to eat your god

Published January 9th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! he looks tasty.

No i meant seriously .. SERIOUSLY. As a christian myself, i love my God and the son of God, Jesus. He has saved me.

WHAT is a dinner gonna do? feed you for one night? Flying Speghetti Monster!!!???? SERIOUSLY!

i hope this is a joke, cause if the nation is stupid enough to believe this bull then they are stupid enough to believe anything whats so ever.

as i am a young adult, i still am not naive enough to buy into this.



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  1. Mare Lacrimarum says:

    Ahh, it is good that you partake of His noodly goodness. Perhaps with a heaping helping of his holy sauce, noodly appendages, and sacred meatballs, you will see the error of your ways.

    Sauce. Its what’s for dinner.

    Mare Lacrimarum

  2. Nigetron says:

    Your not eating our god but a dish that was made to commemorate our god

  3. Jesse C. says:

    If you can prove the existence of your “God” not using the Bible I’ll listen. Otherwise, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is just as valid.

  4. Vic says:


  5. Zinc Alloy says:

    That’s right, Crystie.

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster will feed you. With love, knowledge and freedom from fear, not to mention beer and pasta.

    What does your Cheesus fella feed you with? A poxy wafer.

  6. Antonaroni says:

    “if the nation is stupid enough to believe this bull then they are stupid enough to believe anything whats so ever”

    Pot/Kettle name calling.

    “i still am not naive enough to buy into this”

    but you will believe that your TriUne God created a man and woman with original sin, impregnated a woman with himself, so that he could be born. Once alive, he would kill himself as a sacrifice to himself, to save you from the sin he originally condemned you to. THEN he says you have to eat him and drink his blood once a week.

    I’m confused…Who’s naive? Who is believing the bull?

    My god IS tastier, though. I will concede that point.

  7. Sarah says:

    That’s OK, the FSM is generous and does not want anyone to starve, and he does not punish anyone just for failing to believe in or worship him (unlike some deities I could name). RAmen.


  8. spasticnutz says:

    Sigh… A battle of wits with a group of people who are basically unarmed is not a challenge. When I read these hate mail contributions I just keep getting this mental image of someone without the usual compliment of teeth, sitting on a porch playing a banjo, watched by their sister and mother who happen to be the same person. What needs to happen to the education systems in the so-called developed nations(mine included)to teach people how to think rationally and question the pap that is fed to them by the church(not FSM of course!!) government and media? Why do so many people have problems recognising satire?
    I would welcome intelligent, rational debate from someone with religious beliefs, but that is next to impossible given that belief in a god of any kind requires the suspension of rational,questioning thought.
    Anybody with serious suggestions on how people can be taught to learn, within a state run education system, please reply.

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