I am going to eat your god

Published January 9th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! he looks tasty.

No i meant seriously .. SERIOUSLY. As a christian myself, i love my God and the son of God, Jesus. He has saved me.

WHAT is a dinner gonna do? feed you for one night? Flying Speghetti Monster!!!???? SERIOUSLY!

i hope this is a joke, cause if the nation is stupid enough to believe this bull then they are stupid enough to believe anything whats so ever.

as i am a young adult, i still am not naive enough to buy into this.



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  1. Libbith says:

    I love my God too, the FSM. I know he has saved me, by touching me with his noodly appendages that is.

  2. Pete Byrdie says:

    Crystie said, “i hope this is a joke, cause if the nation is stupid enough to believe this bull then they are stupid enough to believe anything whats so ever.”

    The evidence of the last few centuries suggests so, yes.

    Crystie also said, “As a christian myself, i love my God and the son of God, Jesus. He has saved me”, but also, “i still am not naive enough to buy into this.”

    So, contradictory opinions of Crystie from him or herself there.

  3. Luke Grant says:

    we eat pasta like you eat the body of christ

    • Anti Atheist says:

      how can you have a God that can easily be turned into poop? Sorry but I could never have a God that could be done away with that easily.

      • Pam says:

        At least it’s reincarnation, looked at from a certain scatalogical perspective. And what about Ezekiel. He used to like a nice bit of human dung with his bread. Look what he says in Verse 4:12 of his delightful little book …

        “And you shall eat it as a barley cake, baking it in their sight on human dung”.

        Even when he’s drunk, our Lord the FSM would never advocate such a thing. Xtrians are sick.


        • Rasputin says:

          Dear Pam, I learn something new from this site every day. Thanks.

        • Alphy says:

          AntiAtheist, our God has substance in reality, pasta. Your god does not. Your god is a figment of your imagination with which you claim to have a “personal” relationship. Our God nourishes our soul when we eat him. He becomes part of us and of course he does turn into shit while he becomes part of us. But unlike your god, our God becomes Holy Shit. That is part of our God’s scat-alogical nature. You need to read up on eschatology. I am very much aware that I can go to any evangelical fundamentalist church and get fed a shit sandwhich or a full load of shit. Although, I was baptized a Catholic, I know fundy churches are only to eager to feed me shit. Fundy and Catholic shit may be somewhat different in their consistencies but they are still religious shit.
          You fundy bigots and your ‘ex-gay”straight’ ‘ bosom buddy ReligiousCyclops, also known as GayClops, whom I call FabuClops, have been feeding us your fundy shit. So, I have exposed my beautiful, bare, bubble butt, Irish ass to graciously feed my Holy Pastafarian Shit, hot from my ass, to all you nasty vindictive hateful Christian shit feeders, including GayClops, all self-loathing ‘ex-gay’ ‘straights’ ‘, ‘Christian’ ‘reparative’ ‘therapists’ witch doctors like Gayclops’s fairy god father closet queen Marcus Bachmann and her religious right fundy whack job wife, senator Michelle Bachmann, along with senator Rick Rectorum, gov. Rick Pervy, gov. Bobby Jindel, Ted Cruz d me, “Oh, my goodness gracious” Sarah Palin, members and supporters of the American ”Family’ Association, boring again fundamentalist bigots, Buybull thumping proselytizers, and preachers, ultraconservative KKKers, neo-nazis, creationists, so-called creation scientists, all superficial sub-clinical psychopaths, narcissists and sadists Christian fundies who love Jesus but care nothing about social justice and your fellow hateful fuckers – All you ShitMasters will get fed generous feedings of my superior, deep, dense, well digested Pastafarian Shit exclusively fed to you, hot out of my ass right into yas as if there was no bahtroom toilet. You will all be my toilets! All of you will get fed my Holy Shit ! – in return for the shit you Christian ShitMasters have so generously fed to us Pastafarians and free thinkers.
          Eat up boys! Eat my poop, bois! I’ll be only to eager to feed you Christian ShitMasters more of my Pastafarian Shit again, just like you guys are always only to eager to feed us more fundy Shit again and again and again. After all, it’s the least I can do, since you ShitMasters so generously feeding us your shit as if we were your own personal toilets. I want to return the favor. I want to feed you guys my most Holy Pastafarian Shit in return. You will eat it all. I can guarantee , all you will always get fed the shit that you all so richly have earned and deserved to be fed directly from my beautiful shit filled bubble butt Irish ass. Now, put your face right up between the orbs of my bubble butt, right into my ass and lock your lips right round my deep, spit polished, tasty, asshole as I proceed to poop right down into your good for nothing but shit eating mouth into your throat and fill you full of the shit that you so richly deserve to get fed. Eat, chew and swallow my Holy Pastafarian Shit you hate spewing, shit feeding, Shit Masters! Bury your vile, evil, self-serving hateful tongues deep up in my shit filled ass and deep rim my asshole and lick my butt good as I feed my superior Holy Pastafarian Shit to you who have so generously fed your bronze age, ignorant narrow minded shit to us Pastafarians and free thinker in the name of your Jesus and fundy Christianity.

  4. Pam says:

    Rmen, Ras. All praise is due to the wheat farmers.

  5. Rasputin says:

    Alphy! Wow! I didn’t know you had it in you!

    • Matt Hatter says:

      All that’s missing is a solid Ramen…

      movement… hehe


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