Published January 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


Pastafarian Erik’s car in Hesperia, CA.

13 Responses to “FSM LIVS”

  1. Dusty says:

    I got WWFSMD in Ohio and they didn’t care what it meant. They’re kinda’ slow here though…

  2. Zinc Alloy says:

    You guys in the States are lucky.
    We don’t get to choose our plates in the UK.
    There are certain plates that spell out names but the Government agency that issues the plates charges thousands for them.

    I have got an FSM metal sticker like the one above on both my cars though. I have also seen a couple of Darwin Fish on cars here too.

    Little by little.

  3. squints says:

    ARRGH! Well done, matey! ‘Tis a vessel the FSM be proud of.

  4. Mr.Nobody says:

    Lol! That is SO full of win! :D

  5. AbulletAway says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I was really surprised the DVM allowed it. It took almost three months for that to finally arrive. The response has been great. I have had people wave and smile from time to time while driving since getting the plate. Since I am a guy and not a hot chick, I can only attribute it to the power of the FSM.

    Oh and “WWFSD” I didn’t even think of that. That is great :)

    As for what I put on DMV app. As I recall I had like almost no space to explain it so I just wrote. “The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lives of course”

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