Cuss me out, I could care less

Published January 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Cuss me out, I could care less. But what you are saying really ticks me off. I believe in someone bigger than anyone could imagine. And trust me, I KNOW He is real. I truly think this “Flying Spaghetti Monster” is a horrible sad joke, something a 4 year old would joke about. This “Bobby” guy needs to get a life, really.

Can this…’FSM’ can give you everlasting life? I think NOT!! I will be praying for you all ( you *really* need it)

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  1. LULZ says:

    “Can this…’FSM’ can give you everlasting life? I think NOT!!”

    Very dynamic phrasing. Putting the adverb after the verb is immensely clever and nobody, not even superheroes, have ever thought of it.

    Grammar praise aside, I must say that I doubt many things can give you eternal life. Neither would I want it. I can’t imagine having to put up with invisible bearded men for centuries, not to mention having to sing praise or whatev.

    Plus, don’t you get it to begin with? The commies, homos, and Muslims all go to hell forever, right? So they get eternal life anyway.

  2. meow says:

    This website confuses me…Is this religion serious, or did someone make it up for fun? Either way, I don’t really believe in any religion. When christians say “My god exists,” well no it doesnt, christianity is just based off the ancient egyptian religion which focused on worshipping the sun. Humans just have natural tendencies to believe and follow in something they think is right, and they need someone to tell them not to do bad stuff, or to “commit sin.” I’m not saying believing in a religion is bad, I’m just saying that there are better ways to live your life than to have it controlled by a religion.

  3. sexypyrate says:

    asinine comments like yours piss me off, I will Pray to Joe Peschi for you.
    The FSM has not touched you, and so you are lost.
    RAMEN, sauce be with you.

  4. sexypyrate says:

    The FSM gives us Strippers, a Beer Volcano and Pirate Ship!
    By the by, eternal life would be a curse, just ask Lestat.

  5. mr. Trinborg says:


  6. plumberbob says:

    I had put this post on another thread, but I see that you also need it here.
    If there’s to be any praying here, let’s let it be for the poor, whom you won’t clothe, and the hungry, whom you won’t feed, and the sick, whom you won’t insure, presumably because of the astronomical rent on your megachurch.

    I’ll add here some links to some interesting reading that I’ve found:

    This is an opinion piece from the Christian Science Moniter. Next is the Blog from which it was taken:

    Next is a Scientific American Article on the economics of classic piracy:

    My favorite, and one that I’ve pushed before is a study of the hate mailers on this site:


  7. bowchikawowwow says:

    “Can this…’FSM’ can give you everlasting life? I think NOT!! I will be praying for you all ( you *really* need it)”

    Do you honestly believe that this is a real religion? Please, get out Webster’s and look up the word “satire”!

  8. FSM > Jesus says:

    Another case of a do-gooder christian complaining that their invisible friend is better than ours… You need to get out more, if all you have to do if complain abot invisible meatballs on a satirical website. Please have fun in your everlasting life of stale beer and strippers with STD’s

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