Cuss me out, I could care less

Published January 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Cuss me out, I could care less. But what you are saying really ticks me off. I believe in someone bigger than anyone could imagine. And trust me, I KNOW He is real. I truly think this “Flying Spaghetti Monster” is a horrible sad joke, something a 4 year old would joke about. This “Bobby” guy needs to get a life, really.

Can this…’FSM’ can give you everlasting life? I think NOT!! I will be praying for you all ( you *really* need it)

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  1. detcader says:

    pgh: pig of God’s hate

  2. dru says:

    You obviously dont get the point.

  3. Rev. Hoover says:

    Why would we “Cuss you out”? All we will do is feel sorry for you.

  4. Spector567 says:

    I will say this again and again. Please read the part of the site saying start here. Had you done so you would have realized that FSM is officially against Intelligent design and schools and dislikes religion used as a political force.
    I’m praying that self righteous people learn to read and research and not make false judgments. You’d say this to your kids, I say this to you now.

  5. DAVE ID says:

    A rationalist has spoken. Rah Rah.

  6. GummiHU says:

    I think you need to read the gospell, or this site or the wikippedia article, our everlasting live includes beer and strippers

  7. St. Jason says:


    Can the Spaghetti Monster give everlasting life???

    CAN HE?!?!

    Of course He can and does! More, he doesn’t curse anyone to forever being burned, like a child. He actually cares about His creations, and realizes that things are tough and screwed up down here, and that we are all trying our best.

    Let me ask you a question, pgh: How many strippers are in your heaven? Hmmm? Does the beer volcano in your heaven come equipped with 20oz IMPERIAL pints? Does it flow with perfect 36 degree drinks, AND have streams of room-temperature bitter for those who like things like that?? Hrm? I think NOT!!!

  8. Tenku says:

    Believing != Truth.

    Feel free to believe what you want though- just don’t try to evangelize me.

    For me, believing in the FSM > believing in the Christian God.
    Yay for concrete carnal pleasures!

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