clay sculpture

Published January 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


After being inspired by the FSM, I decided to make a little sculpture of Him. An hour later (plus another hour baking in the oven) I had finished the figure of Him shown in the attached photo. He is made out of Sculpey III polymer clay and stands about eight cm wide and a little under three cm tall at the eyestalks. He is currently living on my windowsill.

May the Sauce be with you!


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  1. Princess Psycho says:

    What we need is a FSM christmas special with Pirates, Midgits and Ninjas fighting Santa and his horde of evil Zombies.

  2. Bruno The Pig says:

    i should try making one, great work. You could probably sell those, please put up a couple on ebay, id love to buy one since im not all that good at arts.

    i missed this site so much after my comp was fried, but now im back.

  3. Mark Ellison says:

    Anti Krebs Man: I don’t think any member of our church wants to eliminate anyone. We’re not trying to eliminate people who believe in ID, just showing them alternatives that have just as much validity. It’s about trying to stop the teaching of religious dogma as science.
    Bigotry is not part of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s creed. You should read about a subject before you make inane comments.

  4. Wdabrock says:

    @ Anti Krebs Man,

    Jews, and blacks, eh? Who said that was what this was about? Please read the ABOUT section, before you go off on your ridiculous tirades. Collect your thoughts while I’m donkey-punching your mother!!


  5. Zac says:

    Another perfect representation of his Noodliness!
    May the Sauce be with you

  6. brigitta says:

    i’m gonna make one (maybe if i get around to it). it’s so awesome. also i LOVE the RAmen. i think that’s so cool. probably not the right place to say it but meh!and yes this is a tolerant religion. i don’t profess to know much about it (being quite new and all) but from what i’ve picked up nowhere is there anything that says we’re going to eliminate people.

  7. tris says:

    He’s a bit cross-eyed, but maybe he’s been smoking them Nepalese Temple Balls that he’s clutching under his floppy tentacles… compliments for the Floppy Stoned Monster (which also stands for FSM… without any rude words!)

  8. The Dutch Section Of FSM says:



    Awesome.. 0_o


    Greetings from Holland, Europe

    Jelle Koopman

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