clay sculpture

Published January 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson


After being inspired by the FSM, I decided to make a little sculpture of Him. An hour later (plus another hour baking in the oven) I had finished the figure of Him shown in the attached photo. He is made out of Sculpey III polymer clay and stands about eight cm wide and a little under three cm tall at the eyestalks. He is currently living on my windowsill.

May the Sauce be with you!


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  1. Arg Sayer says:

    Inspired and inspirational! Arg.

  2. Julian G. says:

    Living on the windowsill? Thats perfect. Hopefully he will reach out and touch people passing by with his noodly appendage. RAmen brother.

  3. Paisley Foulard says:

    This image is truly inspirational. Please use your abundant sculptural talent to create a short claymation video, extolling the truth and beauty of FSM.

  4. Rula says:

    Praise be to Him. He hath surely guided your hand in the creation of this divine artifact. All hail the flying spaghetti monster.

  5. Shep says:

    Freaking awesome – wish I had one!

  6. Anti Krebs Man says:

    This is great! And after you have eliminated all the IDists, you can turn on Jews and Blacks.

    Bigotry lives!

  7. Anti Krebs Man says:

    What? You have moderation? Won’t the FSM protect you?

    Are you Fucking Shitting Me? (FSM, get it? Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Just a little humor. I mean, its all in fun!


  8. Anti Krebs Man says:

    Hey, I realized how great that is!

    Fucking Shitting Me. (FSM, bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!)

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