Washington State Holiday display drama

Published December 16th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Bill O’Reilly discusses viewpoint discrimination with Megyn Kelly:

By the way, the Church of the FSM has no plans to sue anyone.

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  1. Mygg1 says:

    To # 79:

    I agree with you, but that’s not what the woman (didn’t catch her name) meant. She said it in the context of law, and as far as I understand American law (being from Norway, very little), atheism is considered a “religion”, as to not discriminate atheists. The same thing has been done here in Norway, and it’s to make things easier (instead of writing “religion or lack thereof” etc., you just interpret “religion” as “religion or lack thereof”.

    I’m sure that’s what the woman meant, but with O’Reilly screaming his usual ignorant bullshit, it didn’t come out accurate enough.

    God I hate O’Reilly. His technique is; if you disagree, just talk louder than the other person.

  2. Matt E. says:

    “That girl has it all wrong about atheism being a religion.” When the hell did she say that?

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