Pastafarian celebration in Italy

Published December 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson
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  1. Don Squeek says:

    Mitch Hedberg Once Said…. “Every Picture is of you when you were younger, We’ll here’s a picture of me when I was older…” You bastard how did you do that, let me see that camera… These Camera’s must have been created by his noodley apendage.

  2. Qrawzseg says:

    I didn’t know that Italy was a full year ahead of us!

  3. vr0n says:

    Mussitta – you are indeed a prophet!
    Your mozarella and basil effigy is inspired.. even though the meatballs are a little scary…


  4. ezzer says:

    meatballs… hmmm….
    would it be anti-Pastafarian to make tofuballs instead? or does His Holy Noodliness have a problem with practicing vegetarianism?

  5. mv says:

    Brunette che accanto alla pasta è calda

  6. H1He2 says:

    May the Sauce be with you!

  7. Adam says:

    @ ezzer
    His noodly goodness doesn’t have a problem with Vegetarians, you can live your own life. Just without the meat Sauce.

  8. Giorgio says:

    Damn also I wanna partecipe to a Pastafarian Days… and I’m italian… sigh… lost THIS Pastafarian Day BUT I’ll try to come for the next! RAmen

    >> GuRpS and the TuX
    … a blog Free as in Freedom …

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