merry fmas

Published December 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson



We were setting up our Christmas tree this year and realized we had nothing to set a top it.

We do hope my crafty homage to our dear FSM does not mind his perch alight on our tree, because he looks so fantastic there.

Have a great Holiday season.


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  1. Laurie & Bryce says:

    Awesome! Bryce and I have been planning on making a tree topper but couldn’t decide how we were going to do it! Great idea!

  2. someguy says:

    I like the pac-man ornament.

  3. Cape Buffalo says:

    Well, the FSM must love Fmas trees, because remember, in the begining, he created mountains, A TREE, midgit.

  4. rebecca says:

    Does anyone else find this post a little (actually a LOT) hypocritical……”I was decorating my CHRISTmas tree…….” yet you are a pastafarian??? So basically you don’t believe in CHRIST, except when you can get presents???

  5. The Evolved Ape says:

    Rebecca, the tree goes back centuries earlier than Christ. It was used in ancient Pagan festivals and rituals. Christmas day itself is a stolen Pagan festival that is all about celebrating the solstice. The Sun, after being still in the sky for three days, rises one degree on December 25th. The pagans would sing ‘He is risen’. It is about the birth of the Sun. Christians basically stole the festival.

  6. Andrew says:

    I thought Jesus was the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  7. Ubi Dubium says:

    @rebecca –
    I’ts just a typo. She meant to spell it the correct way “ChriFSMas.”

  8. BlackBard says:

    I believe they just used the term “Christmas tree” in the generic sense. I have, on occasion, had such a tree, and I have never been a christian. I didn’t believe in the tooth fairy either, but I still got that quarter when I put my tooth under the pillow.

    Lighten up. Pastafarians do celebrate Holiday around this time of the year. May your pasta be al dante and your sauce warm and soothing.


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