merry fmas

Published December 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson



We were setting up our Christmas tree this year and realized we had nothing to set a top it.

We do hope my crafty homage to our dear FSM does not mind his perch alight on our tree, because he looks so fantastic there.

Have a great Holiday season.


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  1. Sam says:

    Well, did anyone notice her name is Christina? She could simply be referring to her own “mas” tree… I certainly thought her tree was worthy of being pirate booty. Good on you Christine. On a differnt note, Perhaps we should decorate midgets on our Holiday. It would be entertaining…
    Har, Har, Har
    Merry Midget Wrangling all :)
    On a dift. note, I saw a really bad holiday animated thing on netflicks where a pirate became santa. I smiled at the Noodly implications.
    Enough Rambling,
    Later Pastafarians,

  2. Pete says:

    The christians hijacked the pagan midwinterfest, and changed it into jezus birthday party (although he was actually born in july). So just call it midwinterfest again, and leave out the religious bull.

  3. BlackBard says:

    Crap! I said “al dante” in my earlier post. I meant to say al dente. Al dante was the guy who wrote about how much fun we can have in the christian hell. Sorry about any confusion I might have caused.


  4. John Vigor says:

    Even Xmass celebrates Fmass

  5. Heartburn Home Remedy says:

    After reading through this article, I just feel that I need more information on the topic. Could you share some resources please?

  6. MasterBlocsmith says:

    This Religion is the seed that will obliterate all other beliefs. Our undying faith in the sacred FSM has just as much merit as believers of any other fully-fledged religion. Rock on Joseph Smith ..ah oops.. Bobby Henderson!!

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