ironic hipster god

Published December 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You’re all fucking retarded. You think your cool with your irnonic hipster FSM god? You fucktards are just as bad as christians, spouting off the same meme dripples as everyone else. Goddamn you people wouldnt know an original thought if it crawled into your room at night and fondled you while telling you how much it loved you.

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  1. F says:

    420 is pot-smokin’ slang.

    So, keep smoking, Anonymous 420. You are Legion!

  2. Mr Super Awesome says:

    Fuck sake! Stop being so hateful! That’s not very stoner-like of you. Smoke a bowl & relax.

  3. CrudOMatic says:

    Oblivious Atheist is Oblivious. It’s so funny that an Atheist could be fooled by an Atheist joke.

  4. /b/ says:

    He thinks he’s /b/.

    He’s not.

  5. /b/ says:

    Lol u got troled

  6. DarthFennec says:

    Really? I thought a Flying Spaghetti Monster was a pretty original thought, but according to you, I was wrong. Well you obviously have a more original idea, so care to share with us?

  7. Quinzel says:

    Anybody “420” in their name is not allowed to have an opinion.
    I’m leaning towards fake

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