ironic hipster god

Published December 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You’re all fucking retarded. You think your cool with your irnonic hipster FSM god? You fucktards are just as bad as christians, spouting off the same meme dripples as everyone else. Goddamn you people wouldnt know an original thought if it crawled into your room at night and fondled you while telling you how much it loved you.

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  1. Jorge says:

    I see a consistent misuse of possessive pronouns amongst these Christian critics. I suppose proper grammar is also the work of the devil?

  2. ostravan says:

    Every religion is set up so that humanity can come to terms with the unexplainable. Man cannot make a worm yet he be creating gods by dozens.
    Over the last 10 millennium, man has created over 3000 of these figments of the imagination – which they ALL are without exception. And of course, they are ALL “all-powerful”, “all-seeing” and “the one true”.
    I pledge alliance to a country, not a religion.

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  5. Andrew V says:

    wow- i thought the FSM was original but i guess im just retarded… oh well at least ideas fondle me at night

  6. Garrick McElroy says:

    That offends me greatly. We do not go to other websites and send hate-mail to people because they believe something different. We don’t go door to door professing our religion. You came here. We didn’t come to you. It’s your fault that you saw this. Blam.

    Here’s to hoping His Noodly Appendage touches you,

    If you have a question about, or just want to discuss the existence of the FSM, you can reach me at [email protected]

  7. JerseyStrong says:

    anonymous420.. How are you so angry after that bing rip dood? You’re not mad at us, your mad at your father.. Don’t worry your a big boy now he cant hurt you anymore. word.


  8. Gwiez says:

    anonymous420 is right about being original. I’m fairly certain 420 is his area code, and not just some meme.

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