ironic hipster god

Published December 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

You’re all fucking retarded. You think your cool with your irnonic hipster FSM god? You fucktards are just as bad as christians, spouting off the same meme dripples as everyone else. Goddamn you people wouldnt know an original thought if it crawled into your room at night and fondled you while telling you how much it loved you.

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  1. Balthazar says:

    Ha, “ironic hipster meme” meet “anonymous420”. Oh, you already know each other.

  2. Dan says:

    Retard – such a dull insult usually measured out by those who fear they are retarded.

    Satire requires a subject so can’t be original.

    I’m definitely not cool, I wear jumpers.

  3. Fusillier says:

    mmmmmmmmm sounds good :)

  4. Ishmael says:


  5. Scotty B says:

    I like this guy. Its a nice change from the usual anti-FSM rant.

  6. Insightful Ape says:

    Dear Anony,
    Hipster? I don’t recall His Noodly Goodness ever having identified himself as a hispster. By the way you are in no position to judge our originality. Trolling the internet is not exactly original. Turning the stupidity of a school board into the best spoof ever is, though.
    PS: Thanks for the hatemail. It is boring without you trolls.

  7. Lucas says:

    Just as bad as Christianity? Where have you been? xD

  8. Mario says:

    Just as you have found such a brilliant original thought by posting as anonymous420….

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