FSM Holiday Cards

Published December 3rd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson






The above cards were created by Pastafarians Minhee and Tomek. I think they’re amazing.

Like them? Here are your options:

1) There will be one set of printed cards offered for sale here.

2) You can send these as E-Cards by email here.

Happy Holidays everyone.

30 Responses to “FSM Holiday Cards”

  1. Captain Phil says:

    Great! But, well, I have to ask…

    On the last one ( my fav’), does it seem that our Noodly Creator has somehow urinated in the snow? If yes, this could bring a whole bunch of theological arguments…

    Oh, whatever, I’m sending them all anyway!

  2. Captain Phil says:

    By the way, the spags as a kind of eybrow on the last card are great for emotional rendering. I think this is the way His Meaty and Noodly Majesty would want to be portrayed.

    Kudos again to the artist(s)

  3. Nil Zero says:


    It is not allowed to make any pictures of His true being. This is blasemy and you will be fatwaed all.Bless You!!

  4. Minhee & Tomek says:

    Hi we made YouTube wideo about this Christmas :)

  5. persiaprince says:

    I’m disappointed, where are the damn pirates?

  6. David says:

    As a lapsed pastafarian, I’m offended by the nature of this and other similar sites. It calls into question the respect and love we should each embrace in the one who leads us through our problems and gives optimism at this time of year. Thankyou Santa

    Our Father, who flies above us,
    hallowed be thy name.
    When though do come,
    your work will be done,
    In the North Pole where it is Santa’s Kingdom
    Give us this day our covetted desires.
    And forgive us our naughtiness,
    as we forgive those who were naughty to us.
    And lead us not into maxing our Visa,
    but deliver us from monthly statements.
    For thine is the giver, the goodness recorder, for ever and ever.


  7. Clawtilda says:

    I got some of the cards. Much fun! My friends will be touched by his noodly appendage this holiday season!

  8. Bobby Lee says:

    Uh-Oh Hot Dog!

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