FSM at art show

Published December 14th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

For my senior art show at South Dakota State University, I set up an installation for the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It consisted of 8 intaglio prints and my giant FSM sculpture. I have attached a few of the photos from the show, which took place in 2006. The FSM is a soft sculpture, made from fabric, stuffing, and some wires. There were many people in attendance who had their photos taken underneath, touching the noodley appendages.




The artist Klaire Pearson with the FSM. Who created whom?

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  1. Erik says:

    Whoo, that guy in the middle has a Trogdor shirt!

  2. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    The question of who creates whom has to be aprenhended in a bijective way. FSM created The World as We Know (after drinking heavily), but Klaire Pearson has reflected back the art of Creation (more soberly, we hope).

  3. Belgian Girl says:

    it is just….just…euhm…just….somebody help me to find the right words!!!

  4. BlackBard says:

    Totally awesome, Klaire. You truly have been Touched by His Noodly Appendage.


  5. The Very Right Reverend Fogey says:

    What a cosmic depiction of his noodly magnificence. I particularly like the fact that you have broken away from conventional portrayals which tend to show only two meatballs, as I am convinced that his meatballs, like his noodly appendages, are uncountable, and indeed possibly infinite in number (although that creates problems with the explanation for gravity offered in the gospels).

    There appear to be other objects clustered around the meatballs – are these perhaps olives and tomatoes?

  6. Cape Buffalo says:


  7. Emples says:

    Epic! Great job Klaire Pearson!

  8. tris says:

    Wow! I can just see him in monumental dimensions suspended in the vast entrance hall of the Tate Modern (London) more or less where Louise Bourgeise’s giant spider was… did you see it Klaire? Those meatballs are very mysterious… Could they be Zeus-like thunder-balls?
    (BTW I dig your snazzy oriental-style dress)

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