FSM spotted at prop 8 rally

Published November 24th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


My friend was at the rally against Prop.8 in florida and spotted his noodley appendages on a sign

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  1. Barbara says:

    By the way, if this is from Florida, it’s Amendment 2, not Prop 8. It’s Prop 8 in California.
    If this is, in fact, from Florida, I’d like to borrow this for various Facebook groups against Amendment 2.

    -Floridian, voted against Amendment 2 (Note: Amendment 2 passed, but I think Prop 8 didn’t.)

  2. SecularIntellectual says:

    Both Prop 8, and Amendment 2, as well as Arizona Prop 102 were passed by majorities in direct democratic fashion. The government had no religious affiliation in this matter. It went to the people as a true secular democratic government should, and the majority of people voted for these laws.

    Now I’m not saying it’s right morally or whatever, but in this case I think the governments of these states did the right thing so complaining about the government for this reason is stupid. There are many other things to complain about the government for.

  3. Yarn Dinosaur says:

    Love that sign.

  4. that dude says:

    well, with prop 8 you were seeing tons of secular arguments FOR prop 8, now if any of them were true, I’d vote yes on 8, but, none were true, at all.

    prop 8 will be overturned.

  5. Hellbound Alleee says:

    Ban straight marriage! The weakness of straight marriages today undermines the sanctity of good relationships between all of us! Plus, most perversions are done by straight people to other straight people, including the perversions of terrible, terrible haircuts and clothing. Just visit Wal-Mart and see the perversions perpetrated on us by the Straight Agenda!

    Let’s get the signs and head to WalMart! Anyone with me?

  6. Jared McClure says:

    I really want a t-shirt with that sign or something similar on it.

  7. Zoe says:

    The more we shout it out, the clearer it will become. One wonderful sign at a time.
    Woo-hoo that His Noodliness has joined the crowd!

    In response to #38, that is an excellent idea, I would wear a t-shirt with that on it all the time.
    In response to #37, I would be particularly sure to wear it to Wal-Mart!

  8. Obama sucks says:

    fags…what ever- i heard shady ass obama has been with a man in his high school days..?true?

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