One eye mishap

Published November 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson




We are from Mexico and not the most skilled arts and crafts people, but we wanted to honor the FSM by impersonating him and spreading the word. So, we made our costume and hit the parties. Along the way we convinced super man and wonder woman.

We wanted to share this pictures with our fellow Pastafarians and hopefully spread the word.


Borg and Eze

P.S. Sorry for the one eye mishap by the way a ID fanatic stole it from us.

25 Responses to “One eye mishap”

  1. bluestar says:

    is it a kind of joke??? a spagety monster??? do you believe in it? you say there is an intelligent being who created us, well this part is common in all religions, but why the hell a spagetty monster? why is it not a lazania monster? or pizza monster??? why is it a monster with that funny eyes??? i guess it is just a kind of joke! please tell me it is a joke!!

  2. billy wright the "crazy artist" says:

    Yes… they’re crafty those ID fanatics…
    Stealing eyes… what will the think of next?

  3. noodlesinsoysauce says:

    Hi Franko,

    I think for us Halloween translates into ‘noche de brujas’, night of the witches.

  4. Arg Sayer says:

    Arg. The eye moves from one side to the other. FSM would do that if an eye were to be lost. Extra points for that!!!

    RAmen. Arg.

  5. Barnacle Jayne says:

    I say this is how the FSM missionaries dress when they go door-to-door. They are MUCH cuter than Mormans.

  6. Pedro says:

    Your spanish isn’t that bad u just missed a letter its Vivan Los Pastararianos Mexicanos… and there is no word for Halloween in spanish actually.
    Congrats on the costume guys! Viva Mexico y Viva el FSM

  7. Christian says:

    Thank God someone brave christian soul took your eye. An eye for an eye(or God-mocking blasphemy) indeed. Maybe Jesus Himself stole it from your heathen selves! May the Lord Jesus rule over God’s people forever Amen!

  8. Dan says:

    Christian (#15) – You thank god that a christian stole the eye? Surely that christian is now going to hell (see the 8th commandment if your unfamiliar with the bible). Isn’t that’s one more for lucifer, one less for your lord? It sounds to me you’re not a real believer at all….

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