Many-armed creature predates dinosaurs

Published November 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Carbonaceous compression of many-armed creature – dates around 550 million years ago.

Discovery News reports the finding of a fossil formed around a many-armed creature. Dating shows that this creature was in the area hundreds of millions of years before dinosaurs existed.

The implications for Pastafarians are obvious: this is strong evidence that the FSM has been hanging around since time began, and created us all, including the dinosaurs.

There is no question the creature, believed to represent one type of animal, had a lot of arms. […] The arms were tubular and in close contact with each other, but not joined.

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  1. Harriet says:

    Awesome! Now there is PROOF! Do they have proof that the bible exists? NO!

  2. Garlak says:

    Uh, actually there’s pretty good proof that the Bible exists. Whether it is accurate or not, however, is another thing. Just popped in to check around the news and such and say hello.

    (Also, um, slightly off-topic.. but I’ve been trying to look around and see if there was an article about a Golden Calf on this site? Thought I’d see how the FSM would take the news of the.. well, you have to have seen the news to believe this one..)

  3. Advantageous Mongoose says:

    “many-armed creature predates dinosaurs”

    So it preyed on dinosaurs? Is this why there are no dinosaurs around today? Or did you miss out a hyphen, and the many-armed creature just pre-dates the evolution of dinosaurs.

    Either way, it’s more evidence that disproves creationism and advances punctuation.

  4. Sean Boyd says:

    @Christian #8,

    So, you’re back. Personally, I think you want to convert to Pastafarianism, but are a bit afraid. That’s okay. On the subject of slander, if God feels we’ve slandered him with our posts, he’s free to pop into the nearest Superior Court and file charges against us.

  5. wagnerboi says:

    Is there any proof that these many-armed creatures didn’t actually ride dinosaurs? I’m pretty sure I remember learning this on my last visit to the Biblical Creation Museum. Either that, or humans rode multi-legged creatures while hunting dinosaurs. There were definitely lots of legs being pulled.

  6. Darwin says:

    Christian wrote: “I am immortal, i am above death, for thou i die i live.”
    – Does that mean YOU are the FSM???

  7. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    Christian — You started out by saying, “I am a sensible person…”
    But you lost me after that.

    BTW – We don’t have to prove evolution.
    It’s already been proven.

  8. patelnie says:

    You should definately read more about this! Please!

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