I’ve tried

Published November 11th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I’ve tried giving evidence for God.
I’ve tried telling you the benefits of God.
I’ve tried telling you the horrors of Hell.
I’ve tried kindness.
I’ve tried condemning you.
I’ve tried offering you salvation.
My patience is expired with you all.
I have only one question for you all.
Why do hate God so much,what did He do to you to make you doubt His existence. Everything I know, everything I love, is in a Book you hate with all your hearts. My God is great, He is kind, and He is forgiving. Yet still, you curse Him with every word. Everything He hates, you love. Sex,war,blasphemy,hate,mockery, even death you love! All you do to me is mock me. You never give evidence, you only call yourselves enlightened for your lack of faith. God warns that heathens offer freedom,pleasure,and knowledge, but they are lying. I have offered you eternal life, and you have cursed me. I do not curse you, nor your choices,nor any horrid sin you do. I cry for you. I will weep in the presence of God because of you, and because i could not save of you a single soul. So, my sinful,fallen companions i leave you today with just one question. Why?
May Christ Jesus, The One True God, have mercy on you my friends.

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  1. matt says:

    It’s a good thing piety isn’t contagious.

  2. LorenzoFSM says:

    Hey, christian,
    I am willing to bet, like most of your holier-than-thou co-believers, that you haven’t even read the bible. I mean cover to cover. Because that’s the surest way to lose your naivete.
    Do you believe in the gods like Zeus, Thor, Pan, Ra, or any of the thousands of gods humanity has worshiped since we descended from the trees? Tell me why not – then tell me why the same logic does not apply one more time.

  3. Momyr Andersson says:

    Proove God exists and i will believe. But as for now. I shall worship his Noodley appendage.

  4. Kirby_mongerr says:

    where did we say ‘we hate the christian god’ show me, then we’ll talk.

  5. jERRY CHANTER says:

    Rape, murder- made in his image, so god is a rapist/ murder

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