I’ve tried

Published November 11th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I’ve tried giving evidence for God.
I’ve tried telling you the benefits of God.
I’ve tried telling you the horrors of Hell.
I’ve tried kindness.
I’ve tried condemning you.
I’ve tried offering you salvation.
My patience is expired with you all.
I have only one question for you all.
Why do hate God so much,what did He do to you to make you doubt His existence. Everything I know, everything I love, is in a Book you hate with all your hearts. My God is great, He is kind, and He is forgiving. Yet still, you curse Him with every word. Everything He hates, you love. Sex,war,blasphemy,hate,mockery, even death you love! All you do to me is mock me. You never give evidence, you only call yourselves enlightened for your lack of faith. God warns that heathens offer freedom,pleasure,and knowledge, but they are lying. I have offered you eternal life, and you have cursed me. I do not curse you, nor your choices,nor any horrid sin you do. I cry for you. I will weep in the presence of God because of you, and because i could not save of you a single soul. So, my sinful,fallen companions i leave you today with just one question. Why?
May Christ Jesus, The One True God, have mercy on you my friends.

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  1. Jesus Conrad says:

    I don’t hate god. That implies I believe. I just hate people who threaten me with eternal torture.

  2. Shamar says:

    OK, C-ya….just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


  3. Ramenator says:

    Technically, you asked several questions of us, each of which were stupid.

  4. sigh says:

    I do not curse your god, I simply ask for proof. And if asking that one question is enough for eternal damnation in the flaming pits of hell, then your god is an asshole.

  5. brian t says:

    “I’ve tried giving evidence for God.”
    – What evidence? Do you know what “evidence” means, or are you confusing it with “testimony”? Hint: people can say anything, or write anything, but saying or writing something does not make it true. That is what testimony is, but real evidence would exist and stand independently of human wishes and concerns. Your religion has plenty of testimony behind it, but no evidence.

  6. Karl says:

    Lack of faith? Do you know what this is? The CHURCH of the FSM. Do your homework..

  7. Lady Lippy says:

    I have one question for you…what do you gain by making us love what you love? If everything you love is in a book we “hate with all our hearts” you must have a lonely life. If you are hoping to find a friend or a real person to love, this is most likely not the right place…I suggest you try a place where you can be with like-minded people.

    We don’t hate your god…we just don’t believe in your god.

    And how can you NOT love sex, pleasure and mockery?

  8. Aesi says:

    Why oh why oh why are you so persistent? Really, how many times were you dropped on your head as a child? I’ve tried to be nice, to give as much evidence as i’m willing to spend time typing, and still loons like yourself come onto this site with your holier-than-thou bullshit. Really now, just get over yourself. Maybe you havn’t thought of this, but maybe not everybody is willing to bow down and give their love, freedom and life to a mass-murdering, egotistical, racist, sexist, slavery-promiting bastard and/or his son who has been the sole cause of many millions of deaths. I also don’t suppose you’ve thought of the fact that the idea of living for eternity with that bastard, his son and his followers sounds much, much worse than what you call Hell. It actually makes what you call Hell sound rather much like a holiday destination.
    Speaking of which, what do you mean by “May Christ Jesus, The One True God…” I was under the impression that his daddy was the “One True God.” I was also under the impression that, if you hint at “God” not existing, then it’d be rather difficult for his son to exist, but, oh well! You’re the kid who grew up with an oddly flat-shaped head and a copy of the Bible for beddy time stories! I guess you just must be right, eh?
    No. Just, no!

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