i am concerned

Published November 25th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

I am concerned. This is a joke, right? i mean, people cannot seriously believe in a dinner option. I believe that this ‘pastafarian-ism’ started as a joke made by a lost soul who is against christianism. but reading this website, this has gone too far. i will not swear or mock your unique form of entertainment like others have, but please stop this madness. direct your anger away from christianism and into your own personal lives. Let us not poison the minds of the innocent people that use the internet. Thank you, and I shall be praying for you all.
-Concerned Christian

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  1. flagpoles and flags says:

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  2. Sydney says:

    I couldn’t read past “Christianism”
    I tried. I tried so hard. I just couldn’t do it.

  3. Keith says:

    “Concerned Christian”, or rather, holier than thou worrywort:

    I cannot help being annoyed (and conversely slightly amused) when someone says “I will pray for you”. What arrogance!
    1) If I need help with my life I will ask for it, not have some do-gooder thrust their “help” on me.

    2) I’m not five years old. It’s quite possible that I’m old enough to be your father. I don’t need you to make my decisions for me.

    3) You don’t know who we are, where we live, or even if we lead better and more productive lives than you. How are you going to make certain your story book prayers are going to hit the mark?

    • Apprentice Frederic says:

      Keith, your response was, of course right on, but it raised a question that you or other wiser Communicants of the Sauce might like to weigh in on: the 7-th IRRYD addresses the undersirability of a Pastafarian telling people that the FSM speaks to him. How about the converse? Can we offer to pray to the FSM for the soul of httworrywort, or is that analogously presumptuous?

      • Keith says:

        Personally, and with all deference to you I would say that I would not pray for anyone’s soul as I would find it personally offensive to emulate people like “Concerned Christian”. My other half would probably react with complete indifference as he is a devotee of “Ceiling Cat”

        4)I’d really rather you didn’t indulge in conduct that offends yourself, or your willing, consenting partner of legal age AND mental maturity. As for anyone who might object, I think the expression is go f*** yourself, unless they find that offensive in which case they can turn off the TV for once and go for a walk for a change.

  4. Joukahainen says:

    I hope the christians stop their madness before it poisons any more people. I eat pasta for you all.

  5. LorenzoFSM says:

    Know how to become an atheist?
    1. Buy a bible
    2. Read it

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