I am an avid fan of humor

Published November 9th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Bobby,

I am an avid fan of humor. I have been a supporter for over 25 years. I watch Comedy Central and BET every day. Let’s face it, humor makes me laugh. I recently acquired a pamphlet from your Spaghetti Monster Church, and being succeptible to being swayed by any cult/religion I blindly went to your website. Come to find out, it wasn’t a real church at all! Well, I guess I can let that slide, as after scrolling through your website I noticed a hint of satire.

But I gotta be honest, Robert, if this was an attempt at humor, you missed the mark like Stevie Wonder in a bow and arrow contest. No one can laugh looking at ugly people in halloween costumes. Did you really think that something like that could pass as laughable? If you are going to post a bunch of boring quips and pictures, there better be nudity. Lots of it, or you are missing the point of owning a website. If you are being sacreligious (which is too easy, if you ask me, sir), then you need to add some pizazz. But instead you throw in a stupid picture of spaghetti every now and then and expect a laugh. You either need to hire a Jew to add a punchline every now and again, or call it quits. Better yet, you can hire me for a nominal fee. I could take pictures of my dumps and email it to your website, if you think it helps.

Look, Bobby, you just aren’t funny. Looking at your website is like looking at a ginger person eat a chicken salad sandwich. It just makes you scruntch up your face. Sadly, humor wanted nothing to do with you. Your site is as funny as a Dane Cook standup, but I believe you actually like him, so I’m sure that one went over your head. Either learn how to make people laugh, or stop killing trees for pamphlets to make people go to your gay website.

I said good day, sir,

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  1. Plague Chicken says:

    E.P.I.C. F.A.I.L!

    This site is really only funny to me in the kind of ‘I need to laugh when faced by insurmountable idiocy or I’ll go postal’ kind of way, but that is enough. Sadly Josh, you don’t even reach those levels of humor. Instead, you made me ponder where my cutlass sharpening stone is currently hiding so I could trim that fleshy lump protruding from your shoulders. Clearly it isn’t needed for brain storage at this time so It might be better used as a birdhouse.



  2. Joseph says:

    Wait you tried to tell us that the whole Dane Cook thing is over our heads, yet you are the one who doesn’t even get the humor out of this? I guess you are absolutley right then.

  3. darkstar says:

    We don’t recall ever asking you whether you thought it was funny or not. And a little hint – you don’t like it and think it is a waste of time, please go visit some other website. We don’t remember taking you by the hand and leading you here, nor are you permanently chained to the website. There are plenty of people who love this site and find it extremely funny. I noticed you discussed your penis in another blog on this website, and now you’re talking about pornography. Seems to me like your time would be better spent spanking your monkey to some x-rated site.


  4. Plague Chicken says:

    Here’s Josh-buddy’s warm up post. I like how he tried to rework some of the less tenable bits though…
    “94 – November 9th, 2008 at – Josh Says:

    Wow, Bobby. Can I call you Bobby? I’m going to call you Bobby.
    You could have landed a home run with your satire against religion… or whatever this site is about (what is this site about???). Unfortunately, to be satirical and funny you need a sense of humor. Instead, I see pumpkins and pirates and middle aged men posing from the back of their vehicles with a spaghetti symbol on their car.
    Forget about the religious zealots that flood your site with condemnation. But My Spaghetti Monster God, if you are going to go this far it had better be funny. It is not, Rob. It is not.
    You really need to know that. This is a dumb idea that makes my penis soft. It is as funny as TGIF was in the mid 90’s. This website belongs on the Oxygen Network. If you want some advice, delete this website and run head first into a wall. It’s no offense to you, Robbie, it’s just that wasting my time for something as funny as watching your grandmother go through a yeast infection makes me ill. Everyone who goes here should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. That is, if they don’t accept the Spaghetti Monster as their savior….. which they won’t, because it isn’t an intriguing enough gimmick.”

    Still even more E.P.I.C. F.A.I.L!


  5. Sinto says:

    who ever said we were trying to be funny :D may his noodliness smite you. :3


  6. Wdabrock says:

    @ Josh,

    You want nudity? Go to a porn website!

    You want satire? Stand in front of a mirror, whip out your Lil’ Rascal and a ruler. Try to remember a point in time when you could be proud of what’s in front of you.

    You want to rub elbows with some of the world’s best truth-mongers concerning evolution, religion, and the necessity of keeping the two apart? This is the place, pal.

    We’re not in the business of asking you to drink the Kool-aid, or to think that Dane Cook is funny. We’re here for the FSM, the truth about evolution, being really friendly to pirates, strippers, and knowledgeable people, and weeding out hypocrisy in the douche-bag realm of ID.

    If you like none of these things, try a kids website or something. Pasta is after all an acquired taste with some peeps.


  7. Daniel says:

    He’s totally right, the Flying Spaghetti Monster make a terrible sitcom. How do you expect to be on Comedy Central, Mr. Henderson?

  8. darkbane says:

    What a tool….. You really don’t get it do you Josh? I like the amount of time you spent telling us this is a waste of time. Sounds like it is reduntantly repeating itself, over and over and over again. If you thought any part of your letter was funny, you are a racist, not very bright, and an all around deluded person.


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