I am an avid fan of humor

Published November 9th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Bobby,

I am an avid fan of humor. I have been a supporter for over 25 years. I watch Comedy Central and BET every day. Let’s face it, humor makes me laugh. I recently acquired a pamphlet from your Spaghetti Monster Church, and being succeptible to being swayed by any cult/religion I blindly went to your website. Come to find out, it wasn’t a real church at all! Well, I guess I can let that slide, as after scrolling through your website I noticed a hint of satire.

But I gotta be honest, Robert, if this was an attempt at humor, you missed the mark like Stevie Wonder in a bow and arrow contest. No one can laugh looking at ugly people in halloween costumes. Did you really think that something like that could pass as laughable? If you are going to post a bunch of boring quips and pictures, there better be nudity. Lots of it, or you are missing the point of owning a website. If you are being sacreligious (which is too easy, if you ask me, sir), then you need to add some pizazz. But instead you throw in a stupid picture of spaghetti every now and then and expect a laugh. You either need to hire a Jew to add a punchline every now and again, or call it quits. Better yet, you can hire me for a nominal fee. I could take pictures of my dumps and email it to your website, if you think it helps.

Look, Bobby, you just aren’t funny. Looking at your website is like looking at a ginger person eat a chicken salad sandwich. It just makes you scruntch up your face. Sadly, humor wanted nothing to do with you. Your site is as funny as a Dane Cook standup, but I believe you actually like him, so I’m sure that one went over your head. Either learn how to make people laugh, or stop killing trees for pamphlets to make people go to your gay website.

I said good day, sir,

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  1. Insightful Ape says:

    Josh, you have no understanding of humor whatsoever. Most of the humor comes from the trolls like you, and my fellow pastafarians replies; when I read the hate mail section, I can’t recall the last time I laughed so hard.
    Mr Pineapples, I am waiting for you to walk into your local church and yell the same things do are saying here.

  2. The Christian Messiah says:

    Wait. . .

    People finds humour. . . Humourous?

    Holy penis, what a scoop!

  3. StJason says:

    Oi, Josh. Look up quick! Ye’ll see the joke goin’ over ye head!

  4. Niteshade says:

    Josh (the cosmically unfunny),

    Satire is not always intended to be funny Josh; it is intended to show the ridiculousness of a subject. If you don’t understand the difference between satire and humor you won’t get this website, and I suggest you buy a dictionary. I also don’t really appreciate your more than slightly racist remarks. If this letter is any evidence of your humor writing skills, I have news for you, you’re completely unfunny.

    And as a ginger, kiss my butt.


  5. The Josh says:

    I want to meet these people. I really do. I think they would be fascinating.

  6. Sarah says:

    25 years and you haven’t figured out yet that different people find different things funny?

  7. Johnny Landlubber says:

    Yar, Johnny be concerned that ye be concerned.

  8. Gnocci Man says:

    A “HINT” of satire? Man, you ARE clueless. Try reading the open letter (linked to from the main page), if you don’t get what this is about after that (hint: it involves religion being imposed on science), then you are hopeless. Try getting informed on the debates this religion is targeting; until you do so, the vast majority of the humor will be lost on you.
    Also, I resent the intimation that humor must by definition be culturally, racially, or socially insulting. That is the kind of belief that is typically held by, and I am phrasing this lightly, an ass.
    While I am sure your primary use for the internet is pornography, do not assume everyone is quite as perverted as you.
    Also, the numerous jokes you placed in your post just. aren’t. funny. I am sure that you gave many a *hyuck hyuck* as you typed them out, but the fact remains that the majority of people whose IQ’s are above 82 simply do not find that kind of “humor” to be even a little bit humorous. Maybe this site went above *your* head? Maybe you have watched too many sub-par stand up acts (no, Dane Cook is not funny to me), and are now incapable of recognizing a witty intellectual criticism of a modern, important subject?
    The updates on the main page are mostly for people who are already pastafarians… more a social thing than an attempt at humor. Look at the information pages, and once you decide whether you actually understand this, decide whether our humor is funny.

    Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
    RAmen, hail to the FSM

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