I am an avid fan of humor

Published November 9th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Bobby,

I am an avid fan of humor. I have been a supporter for over 25 years. I watch Comedy Central and BET every day. Let’s face it, humor makes me laugh. I recently acquired a pamphlet from your Spaghetti Monster Church, and being succeptible to being swayed by any cult/religion I blindly went to your website. Come to find out, it wasn’t a real church at all! Well, I guess I can let that slide, as after scrolling through your website I noticed a hint of satire.

But I gotta be honest, Robert, if this was an attempt at humor, you missed the mark like Stevie Wonder in a bow and arrow contest. No one can laugh looking at ugly people in halloween costumes. Did you really think that something like that could pass as laughable? If you are going to post a bunch of boring quips and pictures, there better be nudity. Lots of it, or you are missing the point of owning a website. If you are being sacreligious (which is too easy, if you ask me, sir), then you need to add some pizazz. But instead you throw in a stupid picture of spaghetti every now and then and expect a laugh. You either need to hire a Jew to add a punchline every now and again, or call it quits. Better yet, you can hire me for a nominal fee. I could take pictures of my dumps and email it to your website, if you think it helps.

Look, Bobby, you just aren’t funny. Looking at your website is like looking at a ginger person eat a chicken salad sandwich. It just makes you scruntch up your face. Sadly, humor wanted nothing to do with you. Your site is as funny as a Dane Cook standup, but I believe you actually like him, so I’m sure that one went over your head. Either learn how to make people laugh, or stop killing trees for pamphlets to make people go to your gay website.

I said good day, sir,

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  1. noodleguy says:

    I am somewhat suspicious of the fact that this dinosaur does not have an eyepatch. Shouldn’t it be a Pirate to be truely holy?

    However, the other questoin that this image bringeth to mind is: Is that Yoshi??? I KNEW Mario was a Pastafarian all along! After all, the Italians and Plumbers are both known to be great eaters of spaghetti and therefore very pious.

  2. Marcus Aurelius says:

    The FSM inspires many to draw Yoshi, but you are thefirst to actually DO so

  3. Ben says:

    That’s definitely Yoshi.


  4. Vermicelli says:

    He’s right. Nudity would spiff the place up a bit. Perhaps Spaghetti Wresting.

  5. Gargamel says:

    Gee josh, humour makes you laugh? and bobby is missing the point of having a website if he doesnt have porn on it? are you one of theese wierd people who laugh their asses off when masturbating? (i cerainly hope you dont breed)

    oh, and i like the way you try associate retorics (is it over your head?) with the gay thing. its like the flint-axe of arguing.

    Thing is though, MY interest in pastafarianism is as severe as cholera. The point being: Dont take your belief as fact. its not “i believe, therefore I am” its “I THINK, therefore I am”.

    /peace upon all men in the name of FSM. rAmen

  6. PeachtreePirate says:

    Knowing what good satire is when you see it: FAIL.

    Being funny in your own right: Also FAIL.

  7. Bruno The Pig says:

    Now Josh

    You say you are an avid fan of humor, but even though you tried so obviously pathetically hard, i didn’t laugh, snicker, giggle, smile or any other synonym for expressing humor to care for. Your best insult seems to be accusing someone, with no proof nor prior knowledge of this persons (dis)likes or personality, of finding enjoyment in watching/listening to a comedian that you do not like

    If the above statement is false, then you are at the very least stereotyping the Jewish community, which is BAD.

    Does anyone else find it ironic that you can say “I have been a supporter for over 25 years” about comedy, then laugh at Bobby Henderson for spreading the word about the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Seems to me you idolize comedy.

    Lastly, you came here, apparently no idea of what to expect, after being given a pamphlet about the Pastafarian religion. Our god is the Flying Spaghetti Monster etc. I don’t know what the pamphlet looked like but it must have given you a clue. You, by your own account, seem to think that the internet is just for pornography, however, i ask again! what in the pamphlet could possibly have given you the idea that there was pornography in this site. If you didn’t think that there would be pornography then why go to this site??

    I SAY good day to you, sir.

  8. lab_rat says:

    Josh, if you don’t get Dane Cook humor, you won’t get us.

    Too bad for you.

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