I am an avid fan of humor

Published November 9th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Bobby,

I am an avid fan of humor. I have been a supporter for over 25 years. I watch Comedy Central and BET every day. Let’s face it, humor makes me laugh. I recently acquired a pamphlet from your Spaghetti Monster Church, and being succeptible to being swayed by any cult/religion I blindly went to your website. Come to find out, it wasn’t a real church at all! Well, I guess I can let that slide, as after scrolling through your website I noticed a hint of satire.

But I gotta be honest, Robert, if this was an attempt at humor, you missed the mark like Stevie Wonder in a bow and arrow contest. No one can laugh looking at ugly people in halloween costumes. Did you really think that something like that could pass as laughable? If you are going to post a bunch of boring quips and pictures, there better be nudity. Lots of it, or you are missing the point of owning a website. If you are being sacreligious (which is too easy, if you ask me, sir), then you need to add some pizazz. But instead you throw in a stupid picture of spaghetti every now and then and expect a laugh. You either need to hire a Jew to add a punchline every now and again, or call it quits. Better yet, you can hire me for a nominal fee. I could take pictures of my dumps and email it to your website, if you think it helps.

Look, Bobby, you just aren’t funny. Looking at your website is like looking at a ginger person eat a chicken salad sandwich. It just makes you scruntch up your face. Sadly, humor wanted nothing to do with you. Your site is as funny as a Dane Cook standup, but I believe you actually like him, so I’m sure that one went over your head. Either learn how to make people laugh, or stop killing trees for pamphlets to make people go to your gay website.

I said good day, sir,

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  1. piratepizza says:

    This guy is COMEDIC GENIUS! Just look at these hilarious remarks he made. “You either need to hire a Jew to add a punchline every now and again, or call it quits.” “Looking at your website is like looking at a ginger person eat a chicken salad sandwich.”

    Also, this website main purpose wasn’t just to be a humorous website, it’s taking a bash at people who want to teach ID in schools.

  2. jason1083 says:

    heyyyyyyy cming all the way from scotlnd. k first thngs first josh NVR FUKING SLAG OFF DANE COOK. u slag of a guy who is genious while u thing fart jokes are funny serious, nd if nobody likes wt we believe then fuk off. obtw see all you stupid christians nd catholics at least we believe in something tht makes sense jesus walkd on water, so did chris angel but hes still a fake, ure god tlks to u in ure dreams ye its called fuking dreaming, jesus gt ressurected tht sounds like a fairy tale. honestly the guy who wrote the bible frgt to right fiction on the back. no one waants to listen to ure made up bullshit and if they do they already follow tht crap

    all hail fsm and his almighty noodlyness1

  3. jason1083 says:

    w8 i frgt to say am 6ft 4 “ginger” ( i personally prefer to call my hair african sunset) a big fan od dane cook and comedy central, i knw gay ppl, i am straight as well bt thts my choice. i dnt like people slaging of my beliefs. well am sorry i dnt stay at home all day wanking off to porn and laughing at poo, cus obviously thts wt real comedy is, supposidly we gt it all wrong, well this isnt comical website. its wt we wnt to believe so fuk of or al cme over to america n the first flight pull dwn my kilt (we dnt were kilts nly fr special ocasions like ths) grab my big ginger balls and cumm all over ure mums face while she begs fr mre, dnt wry al take a foto off my poo if u really wnt


  4. elzoido238 says:

    A bow and arrow contest…that’s fucking classic!

  5. Benji says:

    the insertion of simple similies gives this man first hand knowledge on what humor really is…

    Looking at your website is like looking at a ginger person eat a chicken salad sandwich

    seriously???what a fucktard

  6. Calder Wishne says:

    That’s what this site is missing, Bobby, bigotry and bathroom humor!

  7. Z says:

    Note use of “gay” as an insult.

    Not only does this person refuse to be touched by His Noodly Appendage, he’s a homophobe too.

  8. Mike says:

    I am ginger sir and I am offended by your remarks but his noodleness forbids me from acting out in anger.


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