Hello my name is Christian which means servant of the Christ

Published November 8th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Hello my name is Christian which means servant of the Christ. The LORD says that in the end, many false teachers will rise, darwin, muhammed and even your own bobby. I will not be swayed because i have met God. God warns that you cannot explain spiritual things to mortals because they don’t understand them. When you accept God, you are entered by the Holy Spirit of God Himself. That is why i cannot ever be convinced of your fruitless lies. I have personally seen the great power God commands. I will continue to log onto this site for a long time now. For if even one soul be saved while i am here, well in good deeds, none is greater. The LORD is my shield. I will never be convinced by words because words are not as powerful as actions. God has granted me great faith and understanding and as long as the earth endures i will fear no evil for God is with me. You will call me stupid and you will mock me, but unless you become as powerful as Holy Yahweh overnight, and then share a portion of that power with me so that i may never die, i will not be fooled. For the whole world will HATE you because of me-Jesus to His followers- I beg thee to end this, then you will see and and the Truth will shine like 1000 suns. May the Lord Jesus rule over God’s people forever Amen.

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  1. The Josh says:

    You wont be convince? How did you see through the flawless guise?

  2. Marcus Aurelius says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to call you stupid and mock you

  3. Waiter says:

    Hi. My name is Waiter, which means “Servant of the Pasta”.

    I love how every “christian” includes some form of circular logic that’s supposed to “prove” things, or at least explain away why they can’t be proven.

    “God warns that you cannot explain spiritual things to mortals because they don’t understand them.”

    Great stuff.

    The funny thing is, you can’t explain the complete farce of religion to christians for the SAME REASON. They don’t understand, the them, faith and myth are the same as fact and observation.

    Anyone who uses “thee” in 2008, is certifiable. And thank you but WE already do see the truth. Truth is observable and can be confirmed over and over again by anyone. Faith and Religion CAN NOT. They are NOT observable and they are not confirmable. I have seen no evidence of any invisible sky man. When I see some, I’ll reconsider.

  4. Iron Mike says:

    Blah, blah, blah.

  5. Wdabrock says:

    No one here really cares about your point of view. You didn’t meet God, because if you did you would shut the hell up and find something positive to do with your time. “Christian” means Christ-like, stupid! All your psychobabble about Heaven and Hell is as stale as a bag of croutons.

    And who invited you to the party,anyway? You represent the very worst of christianity and religious zealotry. Pompous, over-bearing, and inerrant! Rather than trying to see an alternative view, trying to open your mind and shut your mouth, you reverse the process.

    If there was a Heaven(and there isn’t), you wouldn’t be welcome. All you can do is hate and deny. Your afterlife will be rife with zitty, stretch-marked strippers and flat, green beer. People like yourself think they are TOO GOOD for His Noodly embrace. So much the better. That means more beer for us! Yes, I’m mocking your belief in the Big Empty. I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smells of elderberries!

    Now, go away! Or, I shall taunt you a second time!


  6. Sean Boyd says:

    Well, isn’t that special?

  7. BlondBeard says:

    “God warns that you cannot explain spiritual things to mortals because they don’t understand them.”

    So you accept Christianity even though it claims you are too stupid to understand why you should accept it? (basically saying you should accept it without any proof whatsoever)

  8. Ex-Captain Etay says:

    You know… the only reason why there’s the “Holy Spirit” is because they didn’t like the idea of the being only two “forms” or whatever of God. I don’t think anyone knows what the fuck the Holy Spirit is supposed to be.
    Another reason why Christianity and I don’t get along so great.

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