FSM Vs. Frodo

Published November 21st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Just a little something I cooked up this afternoon. It depicts the FSM harrowing Frodo’s steps through Mordor on his quest to destroy the Ring. Why is the FSM depicted as an adversary, you ask? Well, sir, we both have our own religious agendas.


Fair enough. I like the drawing.

21 Responses to “FSM Vs. Frodo”

  1. PK3 says:


  2. FrodoSaves says:

    Luckily artwork is subject to interpretation! On one thing we can all agree though. Frodo could certainly have done with some heartier sustenance than that tasteless elven bread.

  3. Drunken Dogg says:

    Ya’ll are criticizing it? I think somebody’s a little jealous.
    Note: This is obviously not to the people NOT criticizing it.

  4. billy wright the "crazy artist" says:

    beats being stalked by golem or shelob.

  5. Ben says:

    The FSM is quite clearly watching over Frodo and ready to launch his noodly appendage into action should the need arise.

  6. Dan says:

    So the Miget was a hobit?

  7. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    If anyone want to deny the profoundly Pastafarian values of the Tolkienan complete works, it is free to depict the FSM as adversarial to Frodo. However, one must to keep in mind that the ultimate Lord of Rings is one and the same FSM, because He was the creator of all rings and of all world (real or fantastic).

  8. Thumper ™ says:

    Frodo or a Jehovah’s witness?…the FSM seems to me as though he’s pretending to be “not home” rather than suffer the demented ranting and pamphlets a Jehovah would inflict on His Noodleness…RAmen

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