FSM Vs. Frodo

Published November 21st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Just a little something I cooked up this afternoon. It depicts the FSM harrowing Frodo’s steps through Mordor on his quest to destroy the Ring. Why is the FSM depicted as an adversary, you ask? Well, sir, we both have our own religious agendas.


Fair enough. I like the drawing.

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  1. Kimberly Farfalle says:

    Why is my belief considered an “agenda”?

  2. techskeptic says:

    Looks like FSM is protecting him, not being adversarial! See? FSM is even warning him about the dangers he will be facing!

  3. Ack says:

    The way to Mordor is fraught with Pesto? awesome…

  4. Ack says:

    The way to Mordor is fraught with Pesto? Awesome!!

  5. DavidH says:

    You are surely not implying that our deity is like Shelob?

  6. Aesi says:

    It is a nice drawing. Never really liked Frodo either. ;)

  7. Sean Boyd says:

    Clearly, Frodo isn’t a pirate.

  8. seawolf says:

    Our Noodly Lord and Master isn’t depicted as an adversary! He is obviously tailing Frodo to whisper words of hope and inspiration, sustaining his hobbity innocence against the evil of the Ring with tender, carbo-packed touches from the Mighty Noodly Appendage. If Frodo were to turn around, FSM would, of course, become invisible: can’t have Frodo’s free will being affected by FSM proving he exists, can we? The way to Mordor may be fraught with peril, but if FSM is for us, who can be against us? Very nice artwork, incidentally… you can really see the gritty exhaustion in Frodo’s face, even if it’s half-shadowed.

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