FSM Vs. Frodo

Published November 21st, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Just a little something I cooked up this afternoon. It depicts the FSM harrowing Frodo’s steps through Mordor on his quest to destroy the Ring. Why is the FSM depicted as an adversary, you ask? Well, sir, we both have our own religious agendas.


Fair enough. I like the drawing.

21 Responses to “FSM Vs. Frodo”

  1. Kevin says:

    I am sure the FSM would share some noodles and a bit of meatball if Frodo runs out of Lambas Bread…..

    I see the FSM as a kindly “Gandalf” like figure….just needs a hat…

  2. daqq says:

    Apparently, the FSM wishes to help Frodo, by miraculously creating a wonderful bowl of elven spaghetti.

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