FSM spotted at Apple

Published November 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Something special on the menu at Apple.


Huge thanks to Bruce for sending us the photos. I had heard that there were Pastafarians at Apple, and now we know it’s true. Could Steve be a Believer?

There’s an FSM sculpture at Microsoft.

I’m curious, what about Google?

46 Responses to “FSM spotted at Apple”

  1. Drunken Dogg says:

    Holy food for 8$? that’s awfully under priced >.>

  2. Bruno The Pig says:

    I have to revise my opinion of Apple.
    I have always hated their computers, mp3 players and now phones for their tendency to BREAK REALLY EASILY.
    *pants heavily*
    Sorry i had to break off a rant there.
    However if they’re going to enlighten people about the great Flying Spaghetti Monster and serve food in the likeness of him perhaps they aren’t actually bad people.

  3. Wdabrock says:

    Apple has great taste in celebrating His Noodly Goodness.
    May their IPods never have cracked screens!

  4. Derek says:

    I so miss Cafe Mac’s…

  5. goodwin says:

    Hitler was a follower of teh FSM

  6. He Strikes Again says:

    Godwin. He strikes again.

  7. Marcus C. says:

    I heard the FSM invented the iPhone
    and gave the idea to Steve Jobs himself.


  8. bil says:

    where is my sausage

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