FSM spotted at Apple

Published November 5th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Something special on the menu at Apple.


Huge thanks to Bruce for sending us the photos. I had heard that there were Pastafarians at Apple, and now we know it’s true. Could Steve be a Believer?

There’s an FSM sculpture at Microsoft.

I’m curious, what about Google?

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  1. Barnacle Jayne says:

    I want to work for Apple Computers! Ramen!

  2. Snob says:

    Iceberg Lettuce. Yuck.

  3. Tom M says:

    why do people say everything has been altered on photoshop, who gives a shit, and if it did, could you please point out where it has been edited.

    just stop sounding so big headed to say that its been on photoshop, you seriously know how to kill something, and killing something, isn’t the best thing, especially about a religion

  4. Alper Iseri says:

    Very cool…and delicious. I think about changing to the REAL religion :-))

  5. andrew21 says:

    on youtube


  6. fr20l1 says:

    The presidential race is over. The first black man in history has been elected president.

    Some will celebrate the end of bigotry, hatred, greed, dictatorship, and war.

    Some will fret and mourn – even fear the coming era of peace, inclusion, prosperity, and caring for not just our own citizenry but all the citizens of our world.

    The time has come to put our differences aside.

    Let us now join together and put out a call for all – liberals, conservatives, racists, bigots, communists, socialists, anti-abortionists, pro choice-ists, environmentalists, capitalists, GLBTists, even nudists to open our hearts and minds.

    For he is with us…..

    And appears in the unlikeliest of places……..

  7. nirad says:

    Shouldn’t Apple be tax exempt? Clearly it is a religious institution that happens to produce computers and iPods for fundraising.

  8. FSM says:

    Nice job, Chef. It’s a striking likeness.

    I’m the FSM and I approve of this pasta.


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