FSM Halloween cake

Published November 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson



My wife Lucía did this FSM/Halloween cake for her Birthday, which happens to be 31 October. Now she is a hearted FSM follower and she will be happy to see this year’s cake in the website!


I like it very much, especially the drawing of Him creating Mountains, Trees and Midgit.

13 Responses to “FSM Halloween cake”

  1. daqq says:

    Great cake! Though the cake is a lie ;-)

  2. BlackBard says:

    Another talented Pastafarian. Great job, Lucia.


  3. Belgian girl says:

    If he tasted as good as he looks…!!

    it’s awesome.

  4. DavidH says:

    This is a work of genius! Lucía has clearly been touched and inspired by His noodly appendage. Please will she make one for me?

  5. Princess Psycho says:

    I like cake! mmmm very nummy.

  6. Nahmala says:

    That’s an amazing cake!! Didn’t your wife make one for your birthday? She’s really good at this!!

  7. Barnacle Bill the Sailor says:

    Now that there cake is truly a work of art!
    I’m glad you took pictures of it before eating it.
    Having a birthday on Halloween sounds really cool to me.

  8. Weezle says:

    THAT is talent.


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