Cisco endorses the Church

Published November 10th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


We’ve seen large corporations adopting Pastafarianism. Next in line is Cisco. In this screenshot you can see that Cisco uses FSM in their CCNP Networking Academy curriculum.
Pasta be with you. RAmen.

14 Responses to “Cisco endorses the Church”

  1. Greg says:

    Hail the flying spaghetti monster and hail cisco, together they shall rule the world

  2. OckhamsRazor says:

    Can it be any clearer? I submit that it can not.

  3. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    Everyone knows that the immediate cause of the economic crisis is a crisis in Pastafarian values in modern societies. So, when corporations like Cisco assume albeit in a implicit way that FSM is Our Unconditional Saviour, we can see light and have hope in economic recovery.

  4. Barnacle Jayne says:

    The Bible doesn’t have flow charts. The Koran doesn’t have flow charts. Buddhism doesn’t have flow charts.

    Flow charts. Cool.

  5. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    BTW, that opens a profound Pastological question. Can Our Lord create worlds when Iddle, or His Noodly Apendage only acts in Active/Connected statuts.

  6. wagnerboi says:

    But what about Ebert???

  7. Serpent Smiles says:

    I believe His Noodliness hast chosen Cisco as His sacred representative on Earth and througheth His Son, Cisco, He doth teacheth us a lesson. Clearly, His Noodly Appendage toucheth those choosen to receiveth His message througheth the one all shall accept as their Savior’s Representative on earth, Cisco. The message His Noodliness doth teacheth us is that only by placing one’s self in the “Idle” state, is one ready to “Connect” to His Noodliness. I therefore submiteth that His Noodliness requesteth all His chosen bucaneer children to meditate daily in reflection of His Divine Tastiness. Througheth this “Connected” state, His chosen bucaneers can reacheth all other Holy states in His Divine Tree of Life: “Activity” in His Holy Church by being “Open”, and being “Openly Sent” to “Open Confirmation” in His Noodly Church, then helping to further “Establisheth” His Church. Clearly it is only by “Open Confirmation” in His Noodly Church that one may be “Kept Alive.” Argh shall heed His Noodly Word and send “Noodlefication” of the “KeepAlive Update” to those who wish to reach His Noodliness through the”Idle” state.

    Brother BG Piala

  8. Lightyears says:

    Finally those stuffed shirts down at Cisco HQ are recognizing his noodlness!

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