chocolate milk

Published November 28th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


Decided to have a glass of chocolate milk (i know a little old for it at 17 :P) and noticed this so grabbed my phone and took a picture ^_^

– Brett

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  1. Zadig says:

    Is it The Flying Spagetti Monster itself?
    Kneel you sinners!!!

  2. Cape Buffalo says:

    Brett, your never too old for chocolate milk. And never too young to explore a life free from the shackles of orgainzed religion. Kudos and FSM be with you.


  3. Cardinal Linguine says:

    AWSOME!!! Irrefutable proof of his noodly goodness. And also, when was the last time Jesus appeared in a chocolate milk?


  4. billy wright the "crazy artist" says:

    Excellent and groovy!
    This is surely a sign from the FSM, telling all us pastafarians that heaven is also abundant in chocolate milk volcanoes.

  5. Franko says:

    This is a true manifestation, you can’t fake that. I don’t know about any messiahs or holy virgins in chocolate milk, but I recently saw Bill Maher’s face in a piece of toast. Does that count for anything?

  6. Fusillier says:

    Praise be!

  7. Iron Mike says:

    A miracle indeed.

  8. Arve says:

    Ye gods! Eye-witness evidence of the existence of our Glorious Pasta-flier! A chapter in the New Gospel, at least!


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