fsm video game box art

Published November 12th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson


This is a video game box art i made based on Pastafarianism.

25 Responses to “fsm video game box art”

  1. Weezle says:

    Now make the game!


    I beg you.

  2. Marcus C. says:

    Now that would be a cool game.

    I thought it was real at first. Nice job!

  3. Madden says:

    Yay! 1st comment
    This is great, however, shouldn’t anybody, not just pirates, have a chance to play the game and be enlightened. This should be for those who want to be pirates, not only those who already are.

  4. patrick P. says:

    funny make it a game i would buy it

  5. Drunken Dogg says:

    I want this game ^^

  6. pastafarianScott says:

    wow that’s good

  7. Pieman says:

    Imma get this game! xD

  8. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    It would be an excellent project. Enlightening games offering Pastafarian values are pretty much needed. A World of Pastacraft would be also useful to attract youngsters to Our Faith.

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