Another Halloween Missionary

Published November 4th, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

Evangelizing in Easton, PA.

I handed out well over 70 pamphlets that night, thanks to your handy tri-fold PDF version! And by loose count, encountered dozens of supporters, a handful of loyal pirates, and only managed to anger one Christian (who was dressed as Caesar, go figure).


13 Responses to “Another Halloween Missionary”

  1. Dan says:

    Christian (#7)- you hate anythng that disagrees with you, you say yourself that the only reason you wouldn’t inflict pain is because jesus wouldn’t. You want to though, you feel hate and you are the embodiment of fundamentalist evil. If you thought jesus would justify violence, you’d do it in a second; just like the crusaders, inqisition and other christians who practiced evil.

  2. Phil says:

    I don’t feel the need to be preached at. If I did, I would just turn on the TV where every few minutes someone is either telling a story or selling a product.

  3. Ferd says:

    Barnacle Jayne: this was actually pretty easy (and one of the more comfortable costumes I’ve done!). Ingredients: a hard hat, some plastic conduit, two styrofoam balls, a few packs of 5/8″ poly foam insulation (it’s round like pasta, used for filling cracks), some fiber batting, brown fuzzy cloth, machine screws/nuts, and some black veil material. Drill holes for the conduit on top (for the eye stems), and secure with conduit fittings, I used 3/4″. Drill 3/4″ holes gently in the styrofoam balls and secure to the conduit top with hot glue. To make the meatballs, cut two squares of brown fuzzy cloth and wrap around a handful of fiber batting (pillow stuffing). Use 2 long machine screws and put each head inside each meatball and secure it with zip ties. Then drill the screws through the helmet and secure with nuts (obviously trim them so it doesn’t hit your noggin). Hot glue random lengths of the pasta (foam insulation) in FSM style. Use a low setting for the hot glue, and apply to the helmet first so it doesn’t melt the foam too much. Then spray paint the whole assembly a suitably pasta-like color (I put the meatballs in plastic wrap before spraying). Paint the eyes, then attach the veil material around the inside of the helmet. Presto! Comfy and sturdy. I added a WWFSMD? iron-on t-shirt, a wad of pamphlets, a black cape, and two flashing LEDs on the back of the helmet (for walking around in traffic, you know).

    ps. Christian: see you in hell, good buddy!

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