Published October 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

lets see. YOU PEOPLE ARE FREAKING INSANE. It even says in several articles that this religion is a parody of other reilgions. People who follow this are messed up… and i dont mean the good way. i fucking idoits

I have considered other religions because i am mad with God, but I would never worship something I could eat. Hell, I love spaghetti and will be damned I ever worship something that is an entre that I can eat at Olive Garden.



  1. Lykurgus says:

    “i fucking idoits”

    I don’t have a comment, I just wanted to read it again.

  2. Pirate_Ed says:

    Awwwww, don’t fell bad -Lully-chan. I “fucking idoits” myself……twice…….divorced them both……it happens :)

    RAmen All

  3. Jamie says:

    I love this letter, but especially the comments. I LOL’d so hard at comments 23-30.
    RAmen =]

  4. Sav says:

    It would be just super if people who hated us could bother to make sense, maybe punctuate and capitalize correctly.

    I just can’t respect someone who doesn’t know how to speak…

    “I fucking idiots”

  5. Spaghetti Western says:

    What part of PARODY escaped your notice??????

  6. Tokokono says:

    You enjoy “fucking idoits”? Wow. You must be one screwed up little person.


  7. Mishi says:

    # 80- Andrea

    Okay, I AM termed emo by all of the people around me (even though I’m happy) and I’m not angry at god. I don’t even believe in him. Your idea is so much better.
    And as many people have pointed out already, Communion IS CANNIBALISM!!!!! You are eating and drinking approximations of “Christ’s” flesh and blood.
    Just think about that sometimes.
    Frig you people are dumb.

  8. Austin says:

    “i fucking idoits”

    Please don’t talk about your sex life on this page, I’m still a minor.

    “Hell, I love spaghetti and will be damned I ever worship something that is an entre that I can eat at Olive Garden.”

    What’s wrong with worshipping something you love, right? I mean, you worship God because you love him and his infinite grace, right? Or are you just afraid of him sending you to hell?

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