Published October 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

lets see. YOU PEOPLE ARE FREAKING INSANE. It even says in several articles that this religion is a parody of other reilgions. People who follow this are messed up… and i dont mean the good way. i fucking idoits

I have considered other religions because i am mad with God, but I would never worship something I could eat. Hell, I love spaghetti and will be damned I ever worship something that is an entre that I can eat at Olive Garden.



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  1. Theo says:

    You must understand that some of us (of example: me) don’t think this is parody AT ALL.
    After all, it has never been proven that the FSM is not the Creator. So why not believe he is? Right?
    But you are very free to choose the religion of your liking, we will never say that you MUST choose Pastafarianism.
    Every religion says that they have the thuth, just like we do. We’re the only ones that admit that we might be wrong. That’s the honesty in us that other religions lack. They want your time and money.
    Good luck.

  2. Dan says:

    It very brave to say “i fucking idoits”, I for one am not sure you should be boasting about taking advantage of the retarded for your perverse appetite…

  3. Pas Tafari says:

    Mad at God so you’re cheating on him? If you’re mad at Him, that means you believe in Him. If so, your choice is foolish as the book says he’s the jealous vengeful type.

    Besides, the FSM isn’t spaghetti like you eat. Spaghetti was made as a tribute to Him in an attempt to recreate his glory. Comes close too. However His divine noodlyness must be made of something other than grain. We know this scientifically because grain cannot create the universe, so logically he must be something else. Glory!

  4. Penne Pete says:

    I have become convinced that certain humans lack the ability to recognize satire. It might be genetic.

  5. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Well, regardless of how idoitic we may be, we have a working spell check.

  6. Ron says:

    Ummmm…. Lully?
    It’s a satire, not a parody.
    And… other than that, do you actually have a point?

    Oh, yeah- Noodles upon you, etc., etc.,etc.

  7. Ron says:

    PS: Jabber, jabber, dribble dribble, twitch, twitch.

  8. Lindy says:

    Mr. Lully-Chan,

    Your main problem with our Faith appears to be Edibility. But while you may have eaten spaghetti before, I would argue that you have never eaten the FSM. Indeed, how could you have?

    FSM is often invisible, and can pass through matter with ease. This surely presents an obstacle to your attempts at ingestion. I’m sure that if His Noodliness was ever manifested to you, you would find yourself quite unable–and probably unwilling–to eat Him.

    I can understand your problems with other religions, given that Edibility is your highest metric. After all, there’s no reason per se why you couldn’t eat a human–cases of cannibalism are well documented–and so this would seem to rule out Christianity (you could eat Jesus) and Islam (you could eat Mohammed). I must say, however, this is a rather novel approach to attacking these religions.

    However, in a magnanimous attempt to be helpful, I’d recommend you look into Taoism. I don’t see how you could eat “the Way.”

    The longer I follow this site, the more convinced I am that FSM followers are the only sane people out there. Really, non-Edibility as the determinative criterion for belief in religion? Hey, whatever floats your boat!


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