Published October 22nd, 2008 by Bobby Henderson

lets see. YOU PEOPLE ARE FREAKING INSANE. It even says in several articles that this religion is a parody of other reilgions. People who follow this are messed up… and i dont mean the good way. i fucking idoits

I have considered other religions because i am mad with God, but I would never worship something I could eat. Hell, I love spaghetti and will be damned I ever worship something that is an entre that I can eat at Olive Garden.



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  1. AzZwOlD 69 says:

    “I fucking idiots”

    haha that says everything , this girl/guy fucks idiots a bit has rubbed off on her/him …

    i would just like to say thanks to BOBBY for opening my eyes and shedding some light on FSM , it has DEFFINATLY changed my life , and i am doing great things with my life .


    to all u christians EAT A DICK u fag munchers ,
    god eats jeasus’s hippy loving penis .

    P.s. at least FSM accepts gay ppl , and yes im gay deal with it

    love aaronFSM

  2. AzZwOlD 69 says:

    at least fsm believers get sent to italy at the end with a spicey meatball ,

    all u christians get is sectioned off into different parts in ur heaven

    christians to the left
    budist in front
    cathalics behind a big wall so they think they are the only ones there
    and everyone else in the back

    except ppl that go to hell

  3. Alyson says:

    It’s spelled entrée.

  4. A man sometimes referred to as jim. says:

    What is an idoit?
    it sounds like a species of fish.
    Let alone “i fucking idoit”.
    do you mean that you enjoy sex with “idoits” because that’s probably a sin in your religion. And I don’t mean the fun button on the calculator.

  5. ham nox says:

    You couldn’t digest the flying spaghetti monster. Pasta was just created in his image so we might be made slightly more awesome by its consumption.

  6. Matthew says:

    A lot of these hate mails have this whole ‘eating’ threat in common. They are going to eat our God! or.. You eat your God?…pathetic!

    …uhhhh…I’m pretty sure in thousands of churches all across the world worshippers of Christ eat his body and drink his blood every Sunday, no?

    Ack! Sorry…was using logic there. Forgot who I was talking to.

  7. flower girl basket says:

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  8. schpounts says:

    “but I would never worship something I could eat”

    hum… don’t you eat the christ at the mass? i mean, you eat an ostia, right?..isn’t it the corpse (is it like that? im belgian, not sure you say that for his “hallyness”(haha))of the Christ

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